Friday, February 13, 2009

Once again, the Friday Night Lights reminder

Fifth verse, same as the first: I'm re-posting the original versions of my "Friday Night Lights" reviews to preserve the comments from the DirecTV audience, so it may not ping your RSS reader if you follow the blog that way. So click here for my take on "Every Rose Has Its Thorn."


Anonymous said...

I just started watching the first 5 min of tonight's FNL episode, but I had to post before the episode was over.

Mainly because of my disgust towards Saracen walking off the field in disappointment---after the Panthers won the game! He's only about himself!!! T.O., watch out, we have a new Diva to worry about!

Seriously, though, I now no longer care about Matt Saracen's football career. I hope he can live with that.

Anonymous said...

Secondly, the team scored 43 points, and only won by 4!

Stop worrying about Saracen and McCoy, and how about we focus on that Defense!!! (Being a football fan, it makes it really hard to watch the action scenes, as well as those Coach's meetings)

Which reminds me, why don't we have any story lines about the defensive players? 3 years, and no Defensive Players have ever been talked about...

Alan Sepinwall said...

Two requests:

1)Try discussing the episode in the actual episode thread, linked above.

2)Wait until you've finished watching the whole episode before commenting.

Keeps things easier for everyone to follow.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, although I appreciate the recognition, now I KNOW there'll be an SNL Thread! Right?!

(but honestly, sorry, I didn't realize there was another thread)

shar said...

Thanks for sending the reminders. I just started watching FNL this season. And I do get your blog through the RSS feed. I Also enjoy your comments on LOST, BSG, and The Office. Thanks.