Friday, February 06, 2009

Sepinwall on TV: 'How's Your News?' review

In today's column, I review MTV's "How's Your News?"


Anonymous said...

So, what's the point of this show? Is it supposed to be uplifting? Make us care about these people? Make us feel uncomfortable? Make the interviewees look stupid?

I'm sorry, I couldn't tell from your review what angle the show is coming from.

Alan Sepinwall said...

I think it's supposed to be uplifting, while also being funny, but it's more uncomfortable than I think it wants to be.

Unknown said...

Full disclosure I'm very close to this project and can't be considered impartial, I'm Jeremy's dad.

But I think I can give you some insight. First let me say that Alan's review is quite clear and I understand the conflict he sees in HYN.

I've followed this project over the years and, in my mind, there are two key aspects one of which is discomfort. The brilliance of the original concept is that it says more about the people who are being interviewed than the news teams. People who can look beyond the disability and see and relate to the human being won't be uncomfortable, they'll answer or relate in an honest way. Take Bobby Bird, you may not understand his words but you can tell when he's having a good time, and maybe when he's having fun with you.

Yes, the whole laughing at or laughing with is an issue that will always be a part of this show. But it doesn't trouble the news team nor their family members. If someone laughs at the HYN news team, that's their problem, their bias or lack of awareness.

Jeremy and the others are having a blast and it shows. The point of the show is they're having fun and when you watch it, so should you.