Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Reaper, "My Brother's Reaper": Attack of the stripper clowns

Spoilers for last night's "Reaper" coming up just as soon as I wish that I had Jessie's girl...

We have three episodes to go in this second, and likely final, season of "Reaper," and it looks like the show is once again picking up its game just as we get close to the end of the year.

"My Brother's Reaper" was a lot of fun, between the Church of Steventology, Morgan making himself (too) at home at the guys' place, the planning and execution of Ted's non-bachelor party (and, for that matter, Ted's evil scheme to get his job back), and the entire mission with Michael Weaver as the wealthy, polar bear-armed d-bag who hoped to repent in the 11th hour, but didn't know how.

Nina's kiss of Sam now makes more sense -- she was checking him out to see if he'd need to be put down like Morgan -- and in the show's cosmology, Morgan's death doesn't mean we're actually rid of him, since we know Hell is so easy to escape from.

Andi-as-boss was a bad idea from the start, and while Missi Peregrym and Bret Harrison still don't have much chemistry together, it was nice to see them at least goofing off and enjoying each other's company at the end of the episode. And Rick Gonzalez and Ray Wise continue to kill every joke they're given.

If I'm correct and this is going to be the end of the show, I'm glad it's at least going out on a strong note, as opposed to the meandering first half of the season. Maybe if there's a miraculous renewal, whoever's running things next season can find a way to start out strong, instead of taking months to get their acts together.

What did everybody else think?


Henry said...

I will NEVER look at clowns the same way. EVER AGAIN. Ohhh, so creepy. Funny, but at the same time, like creepy funny. Like Creed from The Office, though more overt.

Team Seabass said...

Will miss Reaper if it is indeed toast. Though not in the same category of something like The Wire, I always found it light and entertaining.

Anonymous said...

If this is the (unfortunate) end of Reaper, the casting director of Chuck needs to snatch up the actor who plays Morgan. He is totally Awesome's little brother! (Close your eyes and listen to him speak if you don't believe me...)

Oaktown Girl said...

Not sure when I'll get to see this episode. I had to miss the broadcast, it's not up on the CW website yet, and this house is tragically without a DVR.

This show has some wonderful elements (esp. Ray Wise's Devil!), and when it's good, it's very good. I'll miss it a lot and hope the CW reconsiders. It's a bummer they don't realize what a good show they have.

Elena said...

I liked it a lot. Ted taking a good deed (the party) and turning it to his advantage, Sam getting the credit for Morgan's death when he had nothing to do with it, and of course Stevology. Was interesting that they had Steve speak to the d-bag, as you noted being dead or in heaven/hell doesn't mean you're off the show.

And loved the bit with Sock and Ben when Ben wanted clowns and Sock wanted strippers and they thought of "stripper clowns" at the same time. Not much is creepier than a clown, but a clown stripper definitely is.

afoglia said...

I think this whole season has been pretty good, especially the last few episodes. The writers have built up enough mythology that they can do shows without souls of the week. Like Dollhouse, once the writers ditched the episodic (blank)-of-the-week convention, the show becomes less formulaic, and the warts are less obvious.

Hopefully this new religion is more eastern than western, less "The Church of Steve" and more of a Tao. :-)

Anonymous said...

Loved it, for all the reasons you mention, Alan. And for the other fans here, help in the "miraculous renewal"! It worked last year! Visit for Save Our Show ideas.

dez said...

^Should we send them pentagrams? :-)

Nina's seduction of Morgan was expert and the way Ben was glad she was just an assassin and not a cheater was hilarious. I don't want this show to go.

Tracey said...

Love the Church of Steventology, people getting together to listen to bad karaoke by their Prophet, Steve. And when the video started actually talking to the d-bag... and telling him how to convince Tony by groping him appropriately... brilliant.

@Anthony: I think the creed of the new religion is pretty clear, and based on Steve's theory: we can bring down the devil by doing good deeds, not necessarily earth-shattering deeds, but just simple things like planting flowers in a highway median or helping an old lady pick up a dropped package.

I've been hoping all season that this was where it was going, that Sam was going to diminish the devil by helping escaped souls earn their freedom. They've had several souls this season that seemed redeemable: the fighter who took a dive; the kid who merely coveted a woman who is now available; even the d-bag who realized the error of his ways (through Steve) and became good. I don't know if that's where they're going, but I'm still hoping for it.