Thursday, March 11, 2010

Cougar Town, "Counting On You": Touch my Blomfy!

Another fun, loosey-goosey episode of "Cougar Town," albeit one that pushed a little too hard on the Jules/Grayson sexual tension thing, with two of the three stories there to nudge them closer together. (The third was, thankfully, just a chance to see Bobby with a giant catfish on his arm.) Because the thing is, even when the stories don't work, each episode is so loaded with random asides and strange running gags (the Blomfy, gay traps, Grayson's tiny eyes) and the characters so likable together that I just go with it.

What did everybody else think?


Alan Sepinwall said...

Also forgot to mention: the stunt double they used for Courteney Cox in the motorcycle scenes looked like a linebacker compared to Cox. Very odd.

Anonymous said...

Just out of curiousity, Alan, what are your thoughts on The Middle? Most critics seem to lump it in as part of ABC's great Wednesday comedy line-up, but it's the only one you don't blog about. I caught it last night (first time since the pilot) and found it painfully unfunny. Do you feel the same way?

Abbie said...

I like this stupid show way too much. I enjoy almost every pairing of characters that they do, specifically Andy and Bobby. I thought the conversation about male/female friendships was dumb as all hell, but if the plot was smarter, I wouldn't feel as guilty about watching it.

LA said...

I absolutely loved the neighbors (plus Laurie) all sitting together in Jules' great room, wearing Blomfys, setting gay traps, and having the When Harry Met Sally debate. Despite all the madcap strangeness, there's something very real at the heart of this show.

Alan Sepinwall said...

One other thing: what's up with Andy complaining about a lack of time away from both work and family? He spends half the series hanging out on Bobby's boat, with the baby nowhere to be seen.

Anonymous said...

I love this show. Most of my female friends already watch it, but thanks to your positive weekly reviews, I have been able to get some of my male friends to look past the title and check it out. They each seem so surprised when they end up liking it. I particularly enjoyed Grayson's small eyes gag this week. It seemed a little out of nowhere, but I liked that they kept it going. Thanks for giving my taste in comedy a little credibility.

LDP said...

I'm just not feeling this show. I think Courteney Cox's performance is just too hyper for me. Plus, the show suffers from the comparison to its highly superior lead-in, Modern Family.

chrisis said...

Anyone noticed that Jules' creepy neighbor was played by the very creepy Dr. Zeltzer from Scrubs (Robert Clendenin)?
And imho that guy just looks so creepy but actually is really funny.
Plus Jules' guyfriend name was Neil Goldman. Either ex-Scrubs producer / now Community producer or the Family Guy character (who is named after the real Neil Goldman too. He worked on Family Guy).

Unknown said...

Man, I was sure the lead-in would be
"as soon as I gang up on Elisabeth Hasselbeck".

Alan Sepinwall said...

Matthew, I don't do the "as soon as" thing if the review doesn't jump off of the main blog page, and I was in a hurry with this one. But had it jumped, the debate was between "as soon as I Tweet my feelings" and "as soon as you imagine me in slow-mo."

June Starr said...

I have really grown to love this show. I do think Courtney Cox is a little manic on occasion, but I could listen to Busy Phillips deliver lines all day. Ditto with Ian Gomez as Andy.

Love The Middle, too.

There are a number of really well-written sitcoms on the air right now. I believe I'm currently watching nine--nine!--on a weekly basis. Not every episode of every one is stellar, but I've found myself crying with laughter while watching tv more this fall and spring than I can ever remember.

My list:

Big Bang Theory
Parks and Recreation
The Office
30 Rock
Modern Family
The New Adventures of Old Christine
The Middle

I would also be watching How I Met Your Mother, but it conflicts with something else on my DVR--so I've got to wait for reruns there. And we just gave up Better Off Ted, which I assume won't be back.

These are all very different shows with very different vibes but all with some really great writing.

My hat's off to a lot of writers. I'm grateful that news of the sitcom's death proved to be greatly exaggerated.

Anonymous said...

I almost skipped "Cougar Town" because of the title and because Cox can be awfully shrill, but I stuck with the show and it's on my don't miss list - loved the characters, especially the guys, and I love the off-the-wall tone of the show.
Count me as a fan of "The Middle," too. It's the most old-fashioned sitcom of the Wednesday night trio, but Heaton and Neil Flynn are very appealing actors and I'm crazy about all three of the kids. The used-car lot work scenes leave me cold, but I can always fast-forward through those parts.

Zach, yes that is my real name. said...

Also love this show a ridicuous amount. The pacing within the bits is getting very Simpsons, to their credit. Moments of delight:

Shot of Grayson peering frantically into the side of his coffee cup, trying to check his reflection for tiny eyes.

+ Laurie, nodding sagely, "Youre like a ferret."

Jules, tiny voice trailing off: "The flower.. is my face.."

Bobby, best growed-up father voice: "Travis: You bitch like a man."

Anonymous said...

I love this show more every episode (last week with Bobby mistakenly playing funny dogs barking to rudolf instead of ferocious dog, sealed the deal for me)

Funniest ever-Courtney doing the make-shift 'friend' handshake with that creepy neighbor and Grayson saying, 'That looks like something you could repeat again and again' was HILARIOUS!