Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Not a lot. So what?

After staying up late for the non-surprise surprise win of "Crash," I sacked out early last night, not too long after I got done with "How I Met Your Mother." Easily the worst, flattest episode they've done to date, and while I'd like to blame that on Ted and whatserface, the Marshall/Lily/Barney material wasn't any better than Mr. and Mrs. Schmoopy. Sometimes, you just get a stinker.

Some links, and then a question: the "Sopranos" cast and crew talk about the behind-the-scenes machinations of whacking, I review "The Unit" (long story short: if you like listening to Mamet dialogue, it's fun in spots; if not, skippable), while over at Matt's blog, he talks to David Milch about the "McCabe and Mrs. Miller" influence on "Deadwood." I don't even like Robert Altman that much (the idea of what he does is usually more interesting than his actual work), but it's a good interview.

And today's question for you, the reader: Other than the first episode or so, I haven't watched "24" this season, but I've heard that this year has been better than the last two. Any thoughts from someone who actually is watching? Should I wait for the DVD in the fall, or should I be tracking down all the episodes to catch up right now?


Daniel said...

Were Ross and Rachel always the template for all television relationships, even before they existed? And why are television writers not smart enough to avoid mimicing the same silly story arcs that we got sick of with Ross and Rachel? Because Robin and Ted are at their least interesting when they're being Ross/Rachel. Logan and Rory are at their least interesting when they're being Ross/Rachel. Etc.

As for "24" this season, it started off well for the first five or six episodes. It went into the tank for two. Two of the last three episodes, though, have been really strong.

Jennifer R said...

Yeah, the start of this season's 24 was better than the four entire seasons preceding it, I'd say. But I haven't seen the last four episodes (I record the show and haven't had time to catch up), and the few before that were getting kinda dull.

Anonymous said...

You should be catching up on 24. It's been spectacular this season.