Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ashes to Ashes: She loves the '80s

I had my say about "Ashes to Ashes," the sequel to the original British "Life on Mars," in Thursday's column, but for those of you who watched it tonight on BBC America, what did you think?


thedemonhog said...

Hey, TV by the Numbers has devoted a post to you at

Anna said...

Aww, no one has any comments about this? I loved it. I get the feeling I'm going to end up liking this show even more than Life On Mars... even though they replaced the excellent homoerotic love story with the kind of conventional sexual tension we see on TV everyday. But, luckily, Philip Glenister and Keeley Hawes are really hot together, so I don't actually mind.

I also really like the new tone and Alex's approach to the situation, because this time there's no wondering whether she's crazy or a time traveler or whatever. She knows what's going on, and so do we. And she also has something (someone) really important to get back to in the Real World, so I think there could be a much stronger push/pull relationship between Gene's World and the Real World than there was for Sam. But, of course, I'm basing all this off one episode, so we'll see if they keep it up.

Anna said...

I guess everyone already commented on your other post about this. I'm reading them now... Looks like we're in a huge minority, Alan.

HMM2 said...

I miss Sam, and was glad to hear that when he "died," his body was never found.

Karen said...

Well....Keeley Hawes is no John Simm, that's for sure. I found her really irritating. Drake's certainty is less interesting than Tyler's confusion. And her endless commentary on Hunt & Co is irritating.

I will say that, given it's a British show, they're using much better '80s music. How fabulous was it to hear OMD in the opening party scene?

I also like seeing the Bowie clown.

Sigh. I really DID love the '80s. But I liked Life on Mars much better than this.

Anonymous said...

While I liked the original _Life on Mars_ when it played with its time travel elements, I always got the impression that the creators just wanted to make a 70's cop show. With _Ashes to Ashes_ I get the much clearer impression that they just want to make an 80's cop show. The ending, with tons of machine gun bullets hitting no one, made me feel nostalgic. But I think I got my full dose of 80's shows in the 80's.

JustJoan said...

If Alex keeps it up, I'm going to be just as irritated as Hunt that she keeps telling people to their faces that they are only constructs or figments. And she better stop waggling fingers when she says Hunt's name.

I have to say that Keely Hawes, although an amazing beauty in a contemporary role, just looks dreadful in full-fringed 80s makeup and gear. John Sim looked wonderful in 1973 attire, but except for showcasing her nifty gams, the 80s do nothing for Hawes. Philip Glennister, however, is stunning in his 80s duds. What a difference a decade makes!

Cassandra Marcella said...

I never saw Life on Mars; didn't know the American version was a version of a bbc original. I watched because I'm a fan of Keely Hawes from MI-5. I was totally lost the first 15 minutes. Watched it twice. Now I get why the beginning felt like in medias res.
I thoroughly enjoyed the premier. I like the actor who plays Gene Hunt (he was great in Vanity Fair). ANd I liked her commentary - very post modern and often funny.
Can't wait for it to continue

M.A.Peel said...

Just caught the repeat. Keeley is too frenetic for me. I hope she settles in and tones it down just a bit.

Not finding Sam's body does set up the fan to hope Simms makes an appearance.

It's played more broadly this time around, especially the intrafocus on Hunt. I'm having trouble this time around hearing through some of the thick accents.

K J Gillenwater said...

Finally got around to watching. Taped last night's repeat of the pilot. Yay! I like it.

1) I actually started to tear up when she mentioned Sam and found out he had 'died' both in the real world and in the dream world. The impact of the first season really still sits with me, apparently.

2) Loved Gene's comment about Alex wearing leather and holding a gun.

3) Love that there is going to be some good sexual tension/romance between Gene and Alex...which obviously will make it harder for her to want to go back to the real world at some point, I would think.

4) I don't think her psychological analysis stuff will last...I think she'll slowly start to lose that sense she's living in something fake and come to understand why Sam jumped off the roof.

Yay! So glad this great series concept is still living on across the pond!