Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Catching up

Well, the announcement that UPN and the WB are going to merge into a new network called the CW pretty much derailed my day yesterday. The best news to come out of it, for me, was a Les Moonves quote where he described the idea of pairing Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars as "a dream come true for Dawn (Ostroff)."

I actually called Rob Thomas' office at Veronica Mars to let him hear that; his assistant said Rob was in a script meeting, but when I started leaving the message, he said, "Hold on. I think they're all going to want to hear this." They piped me in on the speaker phone, and there was an audible sigh of relief when I told them what Les had said. It's not often that I get to give someone in TV good news (a couple of times, I've inadvertently informed people like Ed Zwick or Tommy Schlamme that a project of theirs was dead), so that was nice.

Speaking of professional good deeds, while I was out in LA, I spent a day on the set of "The Office" to interview all the background characters who recently got promoted to series regulars. Several of them had never been interviewed before, and the main castmembers were as excited as I've ever seen actors be to learn that a reporter's there to interview someone else. The story is up here.

Between the jet lag, time spent with my family and, you know, actual work, I'm still way behind on my viewing. I've seen last week's "Scrubs" (best joke by far: The Todd getting the worst atomic wedgie of all time) but not last night's, for instance. And now I'm going to be occupied for virtually all of today writing about music on TV and the ramifications of the UPN/WB merger.

One day, I may actually get back to blogging about stuff I watch. One day.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the story about calling Rob Thomas and the rest of the writers. I really hope the new network keeps VM, but I can't imagine they won't, especially considering that WB produces the show.

Also, fantastic article about The Office. That is my favorite show right now. (Well, VM is my favorite show, but I'm waiting for it to get back on track, which it will soon.)