Monday, January 16, 2006

Coastal change

Well, I'm going to California in a few hours (and I don't mean this way, though if anyone knows where I can find the Old '97s theme song, I'd be a very happy man). I'll be taking over the press tour blog sometime tonight or maybe tomorrow, and with the long schedule and writing demands, I'm guessing most of what you'll see here for the next week are links over to the official site. But maybe not. I've never done two blogs at once.

I won't have time to watch much, if any, live TV while I'm at tour, so there'll probably have to be an enormous catch-up post sometime next week. In the meantime, some very brief thoughts on "SNL":

I'm told that was the first time the show ever opened with a cartoon, and it may have been the first non-live cold opening ever (still researching that). I'd like to think this is an example of Lorne responding to my pre-tape more theory, but I doubt it. Still, that was the closest thing the episode came to following up on the huge response to "Lazy Sunday," since Parnell and Samberg got minimal airtime. (On the other hand, Smigel got two different cartoons on, so maybe Lorne preferred "Christmastime for the Jews.")

Overall, decent episode, with some very funny stuff ("Smorgasbord," and especially the Swedish Chef ringtones ad; Scarlett doing a great Noo Yawk accent in the chandelier ad), some recycled stuff (the house music talk show as the first sketch?, Taco Town for the 8000th time?), and some stuff that hit the target a little too well (the endless Duluth morning show theme song).

Off to the airport. See you when I see you.

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