Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Hit somebody!

For today's column, we did our first mailbag in a while, starting with a bunch of letters blasting NBC and the AFA for the fate of "Book of Daniel."

Got to see "Gilmore Girls" last week on a DVD screener, so I was able to successfully stay away from the TV all night, just in case my remote control finger slipped and I wound up on any part of the State of the Union.

Really liked the "Gilmore," though. One of the weirdest paced shows of all time. We'll go a month of episodes where not a single thing happens, and then we get one like this with major plot movement: Lorelai dealing with the reality of Luke's daughter, Rory essentially taking away Paris' job at the paper (and Logan proving that even an asshole can be a useful asshole now and then), and, of course, the knock-down, drag-out Battlin' Gilmore family reunion.

Much as I'd missed Richard and Emily for the last batch of episodes, it made sense for them to be out of the show for a little while, both because Lorelai and Rory didn't want anything to do with them, and because it made the big fight into an event. Loved the frequent time cuts and mood changes, even if every family fight I've ever witnessed or been involved in goes from bad to worse and doesn't have occasional pauses for laughter. I'm also glad that they didn't suddenly forget that Lorelai has as much reason to be mad at her parents as Rory does -- or that Rory wasn't exactly blameless in all of this.

With nothing on the big four after 9, I TiVo'ed "Supernatural" to see how that's held up since I last saw it in the fall, but I haven't had a chance to watch it yet. Maybe tonight before "Veronica Mars."

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