Monday, January 09, 2006

Links now, reviews later

My review of "Country Boys" is up, as is a column where Matt reviews "Emily's Reasons Why Not" and I review "Jake in Progress," both of which can be summed up as "Meh."

Meanwhile, with the TCA winter press tour starting tomorrow, we're reviving the All TV in LA press tour blog. I already wrote a long introduction to press tour that somehow hasn't been posted yet (don't ask me why), and Matt (who's covering the first week of the tour) should start posting live sometime tomorrow afternoon our time.

When I'm at the tour next week, I won't have much time for amateur blogging, so I expect most of my posts here will be directing people over to the official blog, in a weird bit of self-referential theater not dissimilar from what killed "Arrested Development." (Or maybe not.)

Reviews of "West Wing," "The Simpsons" and more later today, after I get done paying the bills with a review of "The Shield." (In which Forest Whitaker is all kinds of awesome as the Internal Affairs guy who's hopefully going to take Vic down.)

UPDATE: The new version of the press tour blog is finally up and running.

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