Tuesday, January 24, 2006

That's their mama?

For the people who discovered this blog after the Sorkin/Schlamme or "Arrested Development" items, it was lousy timing that I almost immediately went out to LA for press tour and didn't have much time to, you know, watch TV.

Well, I'm back, and hopefully I'll get caught up quickly. Between iTunes and some advance network screeners, I got to catch up on half of last week's shows, plus I got home in time to watch Ted meet his potential future bride on "How I Met Your Mother."

Since that's the freshest, we'll start there. After spending a good chunk of CBS' press tour party haranguing the "HIMYM" producers for the whole "Aunt Robin" mess, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Josh Radnor can be just as good working opposite another love of Ted's life. And I thought Ashley Williams matched up with him very well. (She also looked really good after putting on a few extra pounds since her "Good Morning, Miami" days; someone playing a baker shouldn't be a size zero.)

If Victoria turns out to be the mom -- and you'll note the distinct absence of Future Ted narration at the end of the show -- then I can get behind that. If, however, she's yet another missed opportunity, then I think we have a big problem. I'm not married to this pairing after only one episode, but the writers sold the thing so hard that if it doesn't work out -- after we already got the Ted-Robin hard sell in the pilot -- then I just won't be invested in any of Ted's future girlfriends. Then he's just a schmoe who's in love with love, and who has to make every relationship into the greatest love of all (even though it's not inside of him). And at that point, I'll want him to just go away so I can watch Barney score at massage parlors and Marshall wax poetic about his new favorite cake.

More later on "Galactica," "Lost" and "The Office" (my story on the supporting actors will be running tomorrow or Thursday). It'll probably take me about a week to totally get back in rhythm. On the plus side, I've already seen this week's great "Veronica Mars" (directed by Rob Thomas), so that's one thing I'll be able to comment on quickly the next day.

Good to be back. So why does it still feel like the crack of dawn?

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