Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Claudette fall down, go boom?

Here's how you know "The Shield" is hurtling toward the finish line: they may have killed Claudette last night.

I didn't think the show could top last week's interrogation where Kavanaugh tore Vic's ex-wife into itty bitty pieces, but damn if Claudette's final takedown of the serial killer wasn't even better. If I ever wind up alone in a room with CCH Pounder, I think I'd probably end up confessing to all sorts of shit I didn't even do, just to stop that glare of hers.

And whether Claudette dies or just winds up in a hospital bed for a really long time, Dutch is going to be feeling 27 different kinds of guilt over making her continue with his "win one for the Gipper" speech. (Or, if you prefer, his "Nothing is over until we decide it is!" speech.)

The Kavanaugh/Strike Team story took a backseat for once, but two things to note: Ronnie got maybe his most screen time ever (including the time he got burned by Armadillo), and Vic is either about to sacrifice his freedom (and the Strike Team's) for Corinne and the kids, or he's setting her up and will turn out to be a bigger bastard than ever.

Gotta go watch the "Idol" semis on tape delay. Should be done in about 20 minutes. Is it too early in the morning for a shot of liquid courage?

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