Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Have we not met before?

Something I forgot to mention in yesterday's "Grey's Anatomy" entry: their spontaneous orgasm patient reminded me a lot of the burn victim on last week's "House," whose own unlikely climaxes helped lead House and company towards a cure. Fortunately, last night's "House" reminded me, since they pulled the ol' Hidden Testicles Trick only a few week after "Grey's" did. I know there are only so many stories for dramas to tell, and when there are a half-dozen or so medical shows on at once, you're going to see some overlap, but "House" and "Grey's" are one more plot coincidence away from a blood feud. (And, since I've already declared that "House" and "Scrubs" are the same show, does this mean that "Grey's" and "Scrubs" are also identical? Meredith and J.D. both do thematic narration, but Mere's probably a little butcher than J.D. Hmmm...)

Couple of other quick thoughts on "House":
  • Way to cast a 26-year-old to play the improbably hot 15-year-old (I'm not sure if that makes the story more or less skeevy).
  • When House was laughing at Wilson's God impression during the MRI, is that the first time we've seen him genuinely smiling, and not just smirking at his own cleverness? And was I the only one who wanted Wilson to start quoting "Real Genius" and tell House to stop playing with himself? (And once they got started, the also could have included the "Have you ever seen a body like this before in your life?" / "She happens to be my daughter" / "Well, then I guess you have" exchange.)
  • My jaw dropped when Him/Her started to crash and two nurses rushed in instead of one of House's underlings. And here I was under the impression that the hospital had six doctors and no one else on staff.
Some links: It's DVD day over in All TV, where I review the DVD of "Action" (a rare example of a good comedy whose extras are funnier than the show itself) and "NYPD Blue" season three (a loooooooong time coming). And for you movie criticism fans, Matt's blog has an epic-length interview with Charles Taylor, who was fired as Salon's movie critic for, he claims, wanting to write too many reviews.

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