Tuesday, February 07, 2006

How they mocked their roommate

Sorry for the delay, but I was waiting for NJ.com to finally load up today's column, in which I point out something that may or may not have been obvious to the rest of you for a long time: that "House" and "Scrubs" are the exact same show. (Think about it: Cox=House, J.D.=Cameron, Elliot=Chase, etc., etc.)

Meanwhile, the only Monday show I feel at all passionate about continues to be "How I Met Your Mother," which trotted out an episode that felt like their equivalent of "The Zeppo" from "Buffy." Basically, Ted and Victoria were offscreen for almost the entire show, and when they were, they were being so over-the-top shmoopy that Marshall and Lily were mercilessly snarking on them. Like the episode with Drunk Ted, this was a good example of the writers recognizing some of their hero's more annoying traits and owning right up to them. The stuff with Marshall and Lily trapped in the bathroom was a rip off of both "Friends" and "Mad About You," but sometimes a stock plot can be useful. Highlight of the episode by far was the "Quid pro bro" bonding between Barney and Robin. Since Robin and Ted are fated to end up apart, having her and Barney hook up seems the path of least resistance, and they were really funny together. ("Leave no man behind!")

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