Thursday, February 23, 2006

No time for "Idol," Dr. Jones

Sorry, but the countdown clock for my series of 8,000 "Sopranos"-related stories is ticking, and I don't have time to do anything but immerse myself in all things Soprano. I'm watching every episode, I'm eating too much pasta, I'm dreaming about Christopher and Paulie stuck in the Pine Barrens, I'm having nightmares about the Ralphie/Janice sex scenes. Maybe I'll be able to get back on the "Idol" horse (or blogging horse, for that matter) next week.


Anonymous said...

You might just find this disgusting.


Matt Zoller Seitz said...

The worst part is, Alan, after you complete your 10,000 hours of SOPRANOS watching and publish your 634 pieces, you'll have to brace yourself for the inevitable flood of letters from fans complaining that you didn't write about this or that topic.

Having covered the SOPRANOS beat for three years, I do not envy you right now. At what point does it become impossible to enjoy the series?

Alan Sepinwall said...

Just saw that, anonymous. Wow. I would contact the plagiarist, but something tells me he just wants the attention, and this would make things worse.

The Internet is not just for porn; it's for assholes.