Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sepinwall on TV: 'Generation Kill' preview

Today's column features Team "Generation Kill" -- producers David Simon and Ed Burns, author-turned-producer Evan Wright and Marine-turned-technical-advisor Eric Kocher -- telling the story of how the book, and then the miniseries, came about.

As I'm going to be away from my computer for a good chunk of today, I had hoped to have my blog review of episode one all ready to post as soon as it finished airing on the East Coast. But schedule crunches and some writer's block have gotten in the way. Maybe I still get it up in time, maybe not, but I'll do my best to have something to offer on it before Fox begins its turn at press tour tomorrow morning.


Anonymous said...

your column is the number one story in the entertainment section of google news ... which i believe means it is the most read right now...well done

Anonymous said...

^What A Fan said. I read your blog here regularly and was delighted to see you on top in Google news. Bravo, Alan!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, congrats on the Google News thing.

BTW, if you need questions for Fox, I suggest "When the (bleep) are we going to see Autumn Reeser in a new TV show?"

Jennmcn said...

I just finished watching the first episode and I enjoyed it. I didn't find that much of a problem telling the guys apart or getting confused with the military jargon. I did find it disjointed and not very cohesive but I believe that was done on purpose because war is never linear.

Congrats on the whole Google thing! I read your blog everyday; agreeing with you more often than not.

HBO has a good mini-series in "Generation Kill" but it will take a lot more than this to absolve the cocksuckers for killing "Deadwood". Didn't Al Swearengen once tell Dan something to the effect that we can't always slit the throats of all the cocksuckers than need killing?