Thursday, September 25, 2008

'Do Not Disturb' -- ever again?

Due to time and space issues, this has been the first TV season where I haven't reviewed every new show as it's debuted. I didn't write about CBS' "Gary Unmarried" the other night, and I didn't write about Fox's "Do Not Disturb" when it debuted a couple of weeks ago. In one case, it looks like I may not get a chance : Michael Ausiello is reporting that Fox has canceled "Do Not Disturb," effective immediately.

A Fox spokesman insisted that the show had not been canceled, and all that's been decided so far is that it's not on the schedule next week, so you may not be able to collect if you had the Jerry O'Connell sitcom in your TV season dead pool. But generally, getting yanked this early means you're done.


Anonymous said...

this came on just before my girlfriend sat down to watch some other pre-recorded stuff. When she asked if I wanted to keep watching, my only was "Jerry O'Connell? It won't be on long enough for us to start liking it.."

Anonymous said...

Haha. I was against the show when I saw the pre-air, and I knew it would never last. Muhahahaha.


Anonymous said...

I hope Niecy Nash has the same deal with FOX that Taye Diggs has with ABC. Unlike Taye, I want to see Niecy continue to work in Television. As for Jerry, I'm tired of growing up with him. Can there be an era in my life that he's not on my TV?

bobviegas said...

I was really disheartened when I saw this show last night for three reasons, listed here in exponentially ascending order of importance:

1) Jerry O'Connell seems like a genuinely nice guy and I don't want to see him fail.

2) After having such great lessons on sense memory from his brother James, this is the best that Davey Franco could get?

3) After having gotten used to seeing Jon Polito rock in every other Coen Brothers' movie, to see him in such an awful show.

Please, FOX, don't ever air this again. Lets make believe it never, ever happened.

joy said...

Not surprised at all. I gave it one shot, just because of some weird loyalty to Jerry.

Just. Horrid. That's the kind of show that you think either someone needed the money. Or someone had blackmail material.

Anonymous said...

I like Jerry O'Connell, but really. Yikes.

I admit, I never actually watched the show; never got past the frightening promos where he and Niecy Nash were dirty dancing in the office elevator. Yuck, makes me want to wash my hands every time I touch the buttons in my own office elevator. And if that's how they're promoting the show, I don't want to see the finished product.

Anonymous said...

even IMDB wasn't paying much attention:

"E! online have reported the show - starring Jason Bateman - has been axed after just three episodes."

If I were Bateman, I'd be insulted.

Anonymous said...

I admit I watched the first episode because I was letting other things record to watch later. I kept waiting for it to be funny. There's some good talent to work with there...and they didn't. The only line thay got a chuckle in the whole episode was the "That was my copy of Glitter" from Jerry. Can't say anyone's surprised here.