Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Skins, "Michelle": Leave it to beaver

Quick spoilers for the latest episode of "Skins" coming up just as soon as I go watch a field hockey game...

"Michelle" was much more in the style of the series than the Russian field trip episode, though the events of that trip (Tony and Maxxie's failed hook up, Chris finally getting with Angie) reverbated here.

We're now deep enough into the series that it's getting harder and harder for anything to be as surprising as the first few character spotlights, but that's okay. I don't think I know anything more about Michelle than I did before, but it was still gratifying to see her stand up for herself, even in the face of Tony's latest manipulations.

And speaking of which, I'm gratified to see the producers allow Tony to be this much of a bastard. Frequently cheating on Michelle is one thing, but the cameraphone stunt was some twisted, unexpected stuff. Someone mentioned in the comments last week that the producers are a little overly enamored of Tony, but if that was the case, I can't imagine they'd allow him to look this bad.

Meanwhile, poor Sid. He finally realizes he likes Cass at the exact moment when Michelle throws herself at him, and of course Cass is both "dating" someone else and no longer giving her goodies away.

What did everybody else think?


Bobman said...

I find myself wanting to substitute the term "safe" into my lexicon and see if it catches on Stateside.

Karen said...

I thought it was a marvellous episode. Loved "Happy Time" at the nuthouse. Is that like Happy Hour??

I was impressed by the loathesomeness of Tony's cell-phone gambit. I like that they've created a character who kind of defies stereotypes: a really smart (the R&J quotes were classic), really charming, utter sociopath. He's like Eddie Haskell taken to a kind of reductio ad absurdum. (All the parents appear to love him.) You don't see that on a lot of teen shows. He makes Chuck on "Gossip Girl" look like a piker.

I liked Josh, and I find it difficult to believe that Michelle wouldn't at least let him try to explain. Since Tony did a "Send All" in Josh's phonebook, he must have had a lot of friends contacting him in disbelief, and he must know that this is why Michelle won't see him. It seems odd that he wouldn't have found a way to exonerate himself.

The only part of this episode that rang particularly false for me was Malcolm's last-minute epiphany. I'm not sure that the Malcolm we'd seen so far was capable of real affection for Michelle's mum, and weeping into his beer didn't seem particularly characteristic, either.

But I am still extremely taken with the show, and will keep watching it. I'm glad last week's farce was an anomaly.

Shawn Anderson said...

Note that Cassie, a subtle bit of jealousy, has set up a relationship with Simon that mirrors what Michelle sort of had with Sid.

Here's a bonus scene (Unseen Skins) from the episode.

Aside from the instrumental song that appears throughout ("Kapsburger" by Clogs) the rest of the music was cut out this episode.

Here's what we missed, subtracting significantly from the levity of each scene:
"Black Swan" by Thom Yorke
"Tender To The Blues" by James Yorkston & the Athletes
"Red Hot Mama" by Funkadelic
"May You Never" by John Martyn
"The One You Really Love" by The Magnetic Fields
"The First Day of My Life" by Bright Eyes

I just wish that if they have to remove the music, that they just not have anything in it's place, as it just ends up sounding cheap.

Corvus Imbrifer said...

Having Tony do such a dastardly thing doesn't discount (to my mind) the 'over enamored' possibility - having him get away with it so easily would prove it. As Karen says above, Josh has lots of friends, to say nothing of the wrath of the subject herself. If there are no real consequences to account for that, then yes, it may be the writers are thinking Tony is so cleverclever he could get away with such a stunt (while not actually writing a stunt worthy of that label).

Meanwhile, I may be giving credit where it isn't due (it could be an oversight) but I was pleased, from a social activist point of view, to see the reaction to Maxxie's tortured confession of Tony's hopping to the other side of the fence: nobody much cared. Cheating on Michelle - par for louche Tony. Gay sex - shrug.

Anonymous said...

Stay tuned....this storyline isn't over yet.

SJ said...

^ Will you please stop hinting at future episodes? I know people have this urge to always bring up stuff, but please keep it to yourself.

The funniest moment was when Chris stood up in class to declare his love for Angie and was interruped.