Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Sepinwall on TV: 'The Shield' final season review

Today's column goes on at greater length (while still avoiding anything really spoiler-y) the final season of "The Shield." Short version: it's really good, you guys. (Also, as FX often does, it's going to run long. My DVR has the episode in a 68-minute timeslot, so plan accordingly.)


Rev/Views said...

Cracking review, you've teased things out beautifully without spoilering anything major.

I'm really excited about this evening!

Anonymous said...

I still have to see the last two episodes of season 6 (come on, Netflix!). So I'm wondering should I wait and watch the new episode tonight after I've seen the last two episodes of season 6 or can I fake my way through it?

Also, releasing the DVD of the previous season only a week before your new episodes start airing is pretty lame.

Alan Sepinwall said...

Chris, I'd probably wait until you see those last two episodes. A whole lot of very complicated stuff goes down at the end of season six, all of it still in play in tonight's episode (which begins on the same day as the finale), and even with all the "Previously, on..."s, you may have a problem keeping up.

Then again, I did watch all of season six (albeit back when it aired in spring of '07), and even I had a few problems getting back into the storyline, so you may just want to dive in.

I'm sorry. That wasn't helpful at all, was it?

Anonymous said...


That actually did help me make up my mind, so thanks. I will be watching tonight and then just make up the episodes when the last disc of Season 6 comes.

In your review you mentioned the procedural plots that get heaped onto the show in addition to the Vic and Shane dirty cop stuff. I was thinking about this while watching season 6 on DVD. I'd have to say they routinely do the procedural stuff pretty well. They tend to stretch stuff out over a couple of episodes so it's not Criminal of the Week. It's not harped on all the time. And it gives Dutch and Billingsley something do to.

Mike Wilkerson - 2GuysTalking said...

The best part though is the ability of this show, unlike so many others, to pull off a perfect handshake from last season to this one. I wrote in my review about it:

"The Insertion Point: It's as if we haven't missed a step as we find Vic Mackey, along with Ronnie, whaling on Shane who have duct-taped his pregnant wife's mouth shut (something that, sadly, I think I'd have done for them), but I marvel at how quality television programs are able to stay in the moment from season to season with months and so many life events in between the start and stop. Well done, folks, well done."