Sunday, February 01, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday open thread

We're a few hours away from having a new Super Bowl champ (sigh... we'll always have The Double Miracle), so I thought it would be a good idea to give people a place where they can post their observations on all things TV-related to the big game -- the pregame shows, the announcing, Bruuuuuuce, the commercials(*), etc.

(*) In years past, I would do the traditional breakdown of the best and worst commercials, but it's been so long since there were more than one or two memorable commercials in the game (if that) that I just gave up on the idea. This year could be interesting, though, as we see commercials designed to reflect the national moood of "Ohmigod, I can't afford to buy Ramen noodles, much less a new car!"

I'll have a separate post for "The Office" episode airing after the game, so don't discuss that here.


Anonymous said...

I don't believe it will not be necessary to post anything SNL related this week. Let's just pretend it didn't happen.


(Go Steelers Covering and The Under!)

Bobman said...

As a Pats fan, I just have to say - you're evil for putting that picture up there.

Nicole said...

I suspect this will be a boring blowout where the Steelers will take it. I would loved to be proved wrong though. Maybe Springsteen can have an accidental nip slip at halftime to spice things up.

Colbert had a hilarious interview with the head of the chicken council about the shortage of chicken wings this year... It is definitely worth checking out.

Anonymous said...

I've just noticed an incredible coincidence.

NBC has been nice enough to bring in LOTS of celebrities to talk about the game. The cheerleader from Heroes, Rainn Wilson, the cast of Fast and Furious, etc.

But did anyone else notice that all of these people are on NBC shows or films being released by Universal?

What a crazy random happenstance.

Jenn said...

Doesn't that happen every year, whatever channel the SuperBowl is on? The World Series on Fox was always the worst display of cross-promotion.

Anonymous said...

Don;t mess with Synergy

J.J. said...

Yeah, Fox's cross-promotion is way worse. Even during a typical regular season football game.

Listening to Joe Buck and Troy Aikman try to casually dote on "Prison Break" makes them sound retarded.

Anonymous said...

SNL Guy, I agree it was terrible, but the 5 minutes to 1 bit was hilarious...for anyone who didn't see it, it's a fake NFL Films documentary about a 1930s era player played by Steve Martin. The only thing you need to seek out on Hulu.

The Fox World Series' have given us some legendarily overused taglines. "His father is the district attorney!!!" is my favorite. Fans of Prison Break and House should appreciate them helping launch their shows, however.

Alan, is this the first time a network has showed almost nothing new in January and then launched everything after heavy Super Bowl promotion? I don't recall other networks doing this in previous years, but I don't remember. It actually seems like a relatively smart strategy, especially given that it's NBC.

Anonymous said...

"The World Series on Fox was always the worst display of cross-promotion."


dark tyler said...

Is this game always this good?! I'm from Europe, watching it for the first time ever while waiting for Bruce, and WOW.

Bobman said...

By 'this game' do you mean the super bowl, or American football in general? Either way, yes, it's always awesome. :-)

Stef said...

I'm one of those people that usually just watches the big games each year, so I'm no expert, but... holy cow! That was an incredible play! Interception then a 100 yard sprint for a touchdown?? Does that EVER happen?

Go Steelers! (I lived in Pgh for 5 years, that's a town that LIVES for its black and gold all year long.)

Alan Sepinwall said...

Great first half -- or, at least, amazing final play -- but I feel justified in my decision to not do the Best/Worst Commercials ranking. Other than the Chuck plugs, lame, lame lame so far.

Anonymous said...

Hello from a very cold England. Loving the game so far, even though it's nearly 1.30 am and I have to be up for work tomorrow. The game is on the BBC over here, so no advert breaks.

Also - Best. Halftime. Show. Ever!

Maybe it's just me, but every time they cut to the coaches on the sidelines I think "What would Eric Taylor do?"

Let's hope the second half lives up to the first. And that I get to bed before 4am. :-)

Nicole said...

I don't even get the Chuck plugs, but the constant CTV promotion that it has the Vancouver Olympics and that Gary Unmarried is going to premiere tomorrow. (Since most Canadians can get CBS either by antenna or cable, why CTV would think that we would bother watching this show more than once is beyond me. )

The game itself has been worth watching so far and that last play was spectacular.

sanford said...

If the Cards can drive down for a td to start the 2nd half then they have a shot, otherwise game over.

Great half time concert.

Alan Sepinwall said...


The banter with Steve at the end was awesome.

Stef said...

Bruce rocked, and I agree with Alan that the banter made it that much more fun. So, so, so much better than the crapfest shows they used to do (Britney, NSync, Aerosmith and RUN-DMC all mashed together)? It's all making up for the lack of memorable commercials.

Anonymous said...


That was so awesome, my heart was pounding from excitement in my living room.

Anonymous said...

Bruce was awesome. I don't think the set list could have been more perfect (considering he had to have at least one cut from the new album on). I loved that they started with 10th Ave Freezeout. It just makes me so excited for the next time I get to see them in concert. Soon I hope!!

Jennifer said...

The only thing I could think the entire time Bruce Springsteen was on was... This man will be 60 years old this year. That is really just incredible.

Anonymous said...

I know the game is not over yet, but collectively, these are the worst bunch of Super Bowl commercials I've ever seen.

Alan Sepinwall said...

And they're already repeating ads from the first quarter.

It's been years since there were more than one or two good spots in the game. It's one of those things where people don't want to let go of something that's played out.

Super Bowl ads are basically the anti-Bruce.

Anonymous said...

Love Chuck.

But as big of nerds as they had over there, couldn't anyone there recognize what 1-D is and is not?
Upsets me a bit more every time the ad runs.

Also, I love Bruce, but 10th Ave was not the song to lead off with. Very Billy Joel-ish. Gross.

Anonymous said...

Just how bankrupt are Ed McMahon and MC Hammer???

Anonymous said...

Why wouldn't NBC run a Friday Night Lights ad during the Super Bowl? It only makes sense!!

Alan Sepinwall said...

The MacGruber sketch/ad was bad enough in late night. Sigh..

But the Hulu ad was pretty funny.

Jenn said...

Almost never watch SNL, except for clips with the guest host, so MacGruber was even worse for someone who doesn't really know the context. Awful.

Anonymous said...

Bruce was great. I'm a lifelong fan and this new CD is the worst he has ever made, and the first bad one from him ever.

Tat being said, he did a lot in those 12 minutes. Have seen Bruce over 25 times in my life, I have to say that I have always loved how he is cool and geeky at the same time. I loved his sliding into the camera and changing the words on "Glory Days"," which he clearly thought was dumb but did so good naturedly, well, that's why he's The Boss!

God bless the Steel Curtain!!!

Anonymous said...

is there an ETA for the start of the office? i'm sure we have another hour or so of wonderful postgame coverage...

dark tyler said...

By 'this game' do you mean the super bowl, or American football in general? Either way, yes, it's always awesome. :-)
American football in general!


Where has this been my whole life?!!1!eleven

Bruce was awesome as well. Too bad I can't see 'The Office' right away and instead have to wait to wake up tomorrow morning. What a night huh.

Unknown said...

I got something to say! I'm just FINE when all the damn pinhead announcers keep talking about Superbowl record this and Superbowl record that but that idiot who was on the field just now said "Gee Mr. Rooney how does it feel that the Steelers are the winning most team in NFL history?"

God damn it! There was an NFL before the god forsaken Superbowl! 6 is the most Superbowl wins but it isn't the most NFL championships. It's not even the second most!

I'll be the first to admit that I shouldn't have had that last Gin and Tonic but this shit just pisses me off!

Packers 12
Bears 9
Steelers 6

12 is more than 6. I'm almost certain.

That was a hell of a game though.

Anonymous said...

Well I for am glad that a MacGruber sketch found its way onto Super Bowl airtime. That's just cool.

Stef said...

I think the Alec Baldwin Hulu commercial was a bright spot. A friend of mine noticed a recession theme - Avon and Cash4Gold commercials? Depressing.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the MacGruber ad went over very well at the gathering I was at, although that's partly because we have nerds who don't watch SNL and were going "Richard Dean Anderson! Cool!"

Great game, I liked last year's better but I'm biased.

Anonymous said...

Well it was hard to get into it after just seeing the refs rape the Cards with no vaseline. I hate people who complain about refs and Im not even a Cards fan but they got fukked somethin awful. Pitt deserved the title in 05 even after some questionable calls in the title game, because they went on the road and won 3 games and beat the best Colts team during the Manning era. Tonight they did not earn the title. The refs gave it to them if I was a ref or an NFL higher up i would be embarassed

Anonymous said...


Our late local news was on and they were talking about the super Bowl ads and the gal was talking about the Cash4Gold ad and she pronounced MC Hammer's name as McHammer.

Bobman said...

As someone who never really followed Bruce (I like him enough, but never really watched concerts or saw him live), it's disorienting for me to see Sylvio from the Sopranos up there playing guitar with the Boss.

Anyway, amazing ending to the game (even if the outcome wasn't what I would have wanted), absolutely HORRIBLE ads.

Oh, and Jennifer Hudson... wow. Great anthem. And she either sung it live or is REALLY good at lip syncing (I'm guessing the latter, or I was drunker than I thought).

Anonymous said...

I liked the talking flower ad, but that really wasn't worth 3M that they paid.

The recession ads are all over the radio - every Jewelry Store is buying your old stuff, OR bancruptcy attorneys, or the we will free you of debt ads. Nevertheless, I was very surprised to see the cash4gold on the Superbowl. McHammer - how young is that anchor!

I'm glad they didn't give the MVP to the end-of-half player (sorry, can't recall name). WHen I saw that penalty he got for pretty much smacking someone when they are down, well, that undid the applauuse for the great play earlier.

The Ref coming onto Bruce's show - LAME. But, the rest was great. His tickets went on sale here in Boston this AM - sold out already!

Anonymous said...

couldn't anyone there recognize what 1-D is and is not? Upsets me a bit more every time the ad runs.

In the same vein as the "willing suspension of disbelief," I put "1-D" under "sacrificing accuracy for the sake of the joke."

The premise is that the actors exist in 3-D, and we watch them in 2, or 1 fewer dimensions than they exist. Reducing them to 2-D becomes "1" for the viewer, even though, yes, it's not the true definition of 1-D.)

Some will accept it, some won't.

Jennifer Hudson... wow. Great anthem. And she either sung it live or is REALLY good at lip syncing

I think they are pre-recorded, so if she were lip-synching, it was to her own voice, as opposed to a Milli Vanilli thing.

I recall Jewel's version looking recorded, as the sound started a split-second before her mouth started moving.