Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fox announces fall premiere dates... again

Gearing up for the official start of press tour in a couple of hours, but in the meantime, at NJ.com I have details of some minor tweaking of Fox's fall premiere dates.


Adam said...

When was the last time the Simpsons Halloween Special aired before Halloween, as they're now promising?

Alyssa said...

Off topic: I heard you on NPR this morning, Alan! It was a story about the rise of Hulu.com.

dez said...

@Adam, at the Simpsons panel at Comic-Con, the writers and Matt mentioned that it would air before Halloween as well, to much applause from the fans. I don't recall the last time this happened, but I think it's only been once, if at all?

bgt said...

According to my two minutes of online research, Treehouse of Horror has aired:

Before Halloween
1990, 1992 - 1998

On Halloween
1991, 1999

After Halloween
2000 - 2008


dez said...

Lord, does my memory ever suck! Thanks for the info, bgt!

Matter-Eater Lad said...

Alan, do you know if Fox is sitting on any more King of the Hill episodes, or has it aired for the last time on Fox?

Grunt said...

Unrelated to the Simpsons discussion, do we know if that's the same episode of GLEE that aired this spring, or is it a new one?

Matt Stechel said...

King Of The Hill only had about 6 episodes or so that Fox never ran (for whatever reason---i really don't know why---this past season they've showed certain episodes as much as 3 times thanks to the hole they were trying to fill from 7PM-8PM this past spring)

I wouldn't be surprised to see them just pop up in syndication or on Cartoon Network alongside the other eps from this season whey they start rerunning in the fall. I can't see FOX continuing to run the show just so they could air 6 eps---they're not even the last 6 eps--the last one they ran about Boomhauer falling in love with a Canadian was the last one produced.

A Similar Fate happened to Just Shoot Me---which ran for 7 years on NBC only to be barely aired that last season because they're ratings on Tuesday nights were so bad that Jeff Zucker decided to just pre-empt the show indefinitely===eventually burning the show off on Saturday nights over that summer, and leaving 6 or so eps that never even aired on NBC---so they aired in syndication the following fall.