Thursday, July 16, 2009

The official Emmy grousing thread

I'm on vacation, and hopefully doing my best to avoid all manner of entertainment news, so I have no idea who got snubbed in the Emmy nominations, who was a pleasant surprise, etc. But those of you who want to praise or complain about the nominations (which, in theory, should be available by now at the official Emmy site), have at it.

UPDATE: In a wi-fi/smart-phone world, it's hard to get completely disconnected, so I saw the full nominations list earlier today and have a few brief thoughts after the jump before I return to relaxing.

First of all, I never had any hope that "Battlestar Galactica" or "Friday Night Lights" had a prayer of any kind of serious nominations. The former is sci-fi, which the Emmys don't know what to do with. The latter is low-rated, films in a non-industry town (and therefore doesn't employ many Emmy voters) and features a cast that's terrific but too low-profile for anyone to notice. So their snubs, while irritating, weren't a surprise.

I probably shouldn't have gotten my hopes up for "The Shield," given that the Academy has for years acted like Michael Chiklis' win in the first season was the most embarrassing award they've given in the last 20 years. It's just a show they refuse to acknowledge the existence of, unfortunately, but the final season was so amazing that I briefly deluded myself into thinking Chiklis or Walton Goggins or CCH Pounder at least had an outside shot. Instead, bupkes. And that stinks.

Now, of the people/shows who I thought had a realistic chance at nominations but didn't, I'm disappointed about the lack of nods for Christina Hendricks, John Mahoney and "In Treatment" as a series. ("Big Love" and/or "Breaking Bad" appear to have taken its spot, and those shows are good enough that I can't complain too much. I'd take it easily over "House" or "Damages," on the other hand.)

On the pleasant surprise front, after I chose his picture as a sign of what I assumed would be a whole bunch of irritatingly predictable nominations, Jeremy Piven was snubbed. I'd like to think it was karma for me picking that photo (it'd be like a weatherman pre-taping a forecast for sunny skies and getting a torrential downpour instead), but I suspect Piven's abrupt departure from "Speed the Plow" (and the lame sushi excuse that went with it) had more to do with it. And his non-nomination hopefully clears the field for a long-overdue Neil Patrick Harris win. (Though, knowing the way the Emmy voters roll, it'll probably go to Jon Cryer or Kevin Dillon.)

Jemaine Clement getting a nomination for "Flight of the Conchords" was unexpectedly awesome, and while I still think it's fairer to nominate him and Bret as a team, if I had to pick one as even slightly funnier (or, at least, asked to carry more of the comedy on the show), it'd be Jemaine. And Aaron Paul is wonderful, and absolutely deserving of his nomination.

As for the people upset that "Family Guy" was nominated for best comedy when "The Simpsons" never has, keep in mind that "The Simpsons" annually submits itself only in the animation category, so it isn't eligible. (I'm on vacation and therefore don't want to take time looking it up, but I vaguely recall they submitted themselves for best comedy once or twice in the early years, were ignored, and went back to the animation categories for the rest of time. But it's entirely possible that they never bothered.)

Anyway, back to my book, then the swingset. Catch you all on Monday.


Jefferson Burns said...
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Jefferson Burns said...

Ironic that you post that picture when the Piven was left off the list this year.And don't get me wrong - happy about that omission. Go NPH!

alynch said...

That's exactly what I was about to say. Mercury Boy was denied, and it is glorious.

Bianca said...

Well thank goodness for that. Is it possible he was nominated for best supporting though? I'm still waiting for the full list to show up on the Emmy's site so I don't know.

Matthew Stollak said...

Nice to see Jim Parsons get nominated for Big Bang Theory

Karen said...

No Olmos, no McDonnell. No surprise. Grouse.

Karen said...

P.S. Extra grouse: we're only finishing up season 2 of FNL, and haven't seen season 3 yet, but: no Chandler, no Britton. More grousing.

Craig Ranapia said...

OK... so Galactica was entirely snubbed on the acting front but Hugh Laurie and Holly Hunter are on the ballots why? Being good sports in desperately mediocre shows?

JT said...

As usual, not a great list. First, what I am pleased with:


-Jim Parsons getting a nod for BBT. He's aces.
=Glad to see the love for some of the other shows I follow.


-FAMILY GUY get a best comedy nom? WTF???
-Both Josh Holloway AND Elizabeth Mitchell get snubbed for the stellar work they did last season on lOST. Just not fair. Yeah, Michael Emerson gets ANOTHER nod and might even win, but was Ben's arc all that special this season? The guy is a genius, but still. Holloway and Mitchell both were the heart and soul of this last season. You messed up as usual. the only person worth rooting for this year is the host, NPH. I'll skip the show and catch the highlights.

Beth said...

Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog nominated in "Outstanding Special Class" section--a glimmer of justice.

Chaddogg said...

Is it worse that Family Guy got nominated, or Entourage?

Oh wait -- it's that Chuck DIDN'T get a nod over those two.

No Britton/Chandler, no FNL. No acting nominations in the major categories for ANYONE from Lost.

Carrie said...

I'm really surprised at some of the nominations, in a good way. (And surprised by others in a very, very bad way.) My favorite, though, is Aaron Paul getting a nod for Breaking Bad because I never thought he would get in.

Other pleasant surprises: Jemaine getting an acting nod for Flight of the Conchords, and the show getting a series nod; HIMYM getting a series nod; Big Love getting a series nod.

But, yeah. The Family Guy thing is ridiculous.

Jen said...

I love the guest actor/actress noms and how 30 Rock seems to dominate the comedy category. Anyone think they do so many guest stars to pad their nomination count? "30 Rock nominated for eleventy billion Emmys!"

SerendipityWAF said...

Happy to see Big Love, Jim Parsons, NPH, Kristin Wiig, Chenowith, and Flight of the Conchords get some love. Actually really excited for all the Best Drama nominees, though I could have swapped out Damages for BSG in a heartbeat.

Angry about the unrelenting need to nominate Entourage (a slot better deserved by Chuck or BBT), Tony Shalhoub & Charlie Sheen (Zac Levi was sincerely robbed for Lead Actor).


CHUCK! The show was truly amazing this year and they could have used the publicity. (I think they only got one nomination for stunt work, well deserved but still.)

Zachary Levi (Chuck)- He deftly balanced comedy, action, and heart breaking drama this season...he anchors the show for a full hour and that's not something many other people could pull off. Here's hoping they get it right next year.

BSG - Whether you liked the last episode or not, the show was phenomenal and gripping in it's final season.

EJO & MM (BSG) - Mom and Dad of the fleet were so deserving of a final recognition. I think the gap in time from the nominations and the finale + the prejudice against genre shows is to blame. But seriously...this is a HUGE slight to the incredible work done by these two actors.

The Big Bang Theory - Another geek show that I love, but at least Jim Parson's got his due. It's cool that Family Guy picked up a nomination for Comedy, but I think they should have kept it in the animated category so either Chuck or BBT could take that slot. IMO those shows were more deserving.

True Blood - The first season was incredible, but I think this one will crop up in next year's batch of fresh faces.

Graeme said...

Olmos and MacDonnell deserved nominations for sure.

I'm alternatively horrified and pleased that Mad Men took 4 of 5 spots in the drama writing awards. On the one hand, I think they were all great episodes. On the other hand, I think there should be a cap on shows taking almost all the nominations (say no more than 3). This used to bother me when the Sopranos would pretty much get every single slot and some great TV writing was ignored in the midst.

I'm pleased Simon Baker is nominated...mostly because he should have been nominated for his outstanding work The Guardian 5 years ago, which was a much more nuanced and brilliant performance. Actually, Baker's nomination brings up my main gripe about the Emmys-- it's impossible to get an acting nomination unless you belong to a popular show (with ratings or overall buzz). Baker now belongs to that club and so can get a nomination when he couldn't in 2003. Another actor outside that club like, say, Edward James Olmos, does not get a notice.

Brittany said...

Nice to see Generation Kill get so many nominations but no acting nod for Alexander SkarsgÄrd? Criminal. In an amazing cast he still managed to stand out.

Memo2Self said...

As crummy as the BSG omissions are, I always have to remember that only ONE episode per nominee is submitted, and voters are specifically instructed to ignore everything else in the season (or series) and base their voting SOLELY on the single DVD they're sent. That's always tough on actors on ensemble shows; so I wondered what would have been submitted for Mary McDonnell? The mutiny episode? The last one? What single hour would have nailed the nomination for her?

Still... grrrrrrrouse.

Hyde said...

Given how loaded best supporting actor in a drama typically is (no nominations for Walton Goggins, John Mahoney, or anyone from BSG), including two actors from Boston Legal is an absolute crime.

Nice to see Aaron Paul getting some love, though. I think constant urgings from corners like this one may have made a difference there.

I also wonder at the thought process that would lead someone to consider Jemaine Clement a better actor than Brett McKenzie. Not a criticism of his nomination, but I do find it strange that they would cite one and not the other.

todmod said...

While I like most of the first time nominees, I can't believe the Shield got completely snubbed in its amazing final season (series, Chiklis, Goggins). FNL as well - but I expected that with the DirectTV deal.

Mac said...

I know they expanded the list of nominations, but "Family Guy" wouldn't be worthy if 50 shows were nominated. Yuck. "The Simpsons" is admittedly so far past its prime it couldn't find it with a telescope, but it's an embarrassment that it's never been nominated and this poorly-done ripoff has been.

Anonymous said...

I was happy “Big Love” got nominated for best drama, but upset that Jeanne Tripplehorn didn’t get nominated for best lead actress in a drama.

With the exception of Elisabeth Moss, that category is the exclusive domain of old movie stars and their family members.

It’s too bad, given her work in the "Road Trip" and "Temple" episodes. HBO even tried to clear the field by having Chloe Sevigny and Ginnifer Goodwin go into the best supporting actress category.

As a consolation, she got nominated for supporting actress in a movie for the five minutes she played Jackie O in “Grey Gardens.”

mizenkay said...

I'm sorry, but in what universe is Charlie Sheen funnier and more nomination worthy than Zachary Levi? Seriously? And 'Entourage' is funnier than 'Chuck'? What planet are these people living on?

Not surprised by the overall BSG snubs. They obviously shun Sci-Fi, even though it's more a drama than anything. In my mind, Mary McDonnell is the Best Actress!

Thrilled for Jemaine Clement and FoTC. Not sure what he would've submitted, but the episode where he became a male prostitute is one of the funniest things I've ever seen on TV. Way to go FoTC!!!

Also, while the nom is deserved, I really hope someone other than Tina Fey wins Comedy Actress this year. Spread the Emmy love around! Thanks in advance.

David Coleman said...

It's also ridiculous that Boston Legal got TWO supporting actor nods, but BSG couldn't get one for Michael Hogan? Ridiculous, I tell you!

It's also funny (and well deserved) that 30 Rock and Mad Men each got four of the five best writing nods in their respective categories.

Unknown said...

No love for the Shield? Walton Goggins got robbed.

Kirs said...

No love for the Shield, FNL, or my favorite Lost people.

And Jon Cryer? Really? Can't we all agree that Two and a Half Men should be removed from the airwaves for the sake of all that is good and wholesome?

The Family Guy nod does not bother me the least bit.

Kemper said...

The Good: Jim Parsons, 30 Rock, Mad Men, and Lost feel the love.

The Bad: BSG and The Shield get no love.

The Ugly: Two supporting actor nominations for Boston Legal and Walton Goggins gets snubbed? Criminal. BSG versus Dr. Horrible in the special class category? How am I supposed to deal with that.

2zen2 said...

I want to see Whedon get his emmy for a musical, it would be sweet vindication. Dr. Horrible certainly deserves any and all noms (the Boss' half time show, pffft - not in the same league!), but Joss is long overdue for award recognition. And if NPH wins - well wouldn't that speech be just, legen - wait for it - dary!

LA said...

How was Amy Ryan overlooked for Guest Actress in a Comedy? In a category that noticed Jennifer Aniston, this is a crying shame.

I'm bummed that Alex Skarsgard was overlooked for Generation Kill. That's just wrong.

Seriously disturbed that Christina Hendricks was overlooked.

Thrilled that Piven was snubbed. Ditto Katherine Heigl!

And I'm sorry, House just doesn't deserve a Best Drama nod after such a piece-of-**** season. Ditto Entourage in Comedy.

Hyde - I think Jemaine is much better than Brett, not surprised they'd choose one over the other.

Go Mad Men!!

Unknown said...

Let's hear it for Aaron Paul!!! He really deserves the nomination, and I'll go so far as to say that he may take the win.

LA said...

Oh, and I would have gone with Allison Pill over Hope Davis in Supporting Actress/Drama.

And John Mahoney over Shatner for Supporting Actor/Drama.

jinxy said...

Allison Pill suffered the same fate as Mia last year, that's a real shame. I thought John Mahoney was a total lock for a nomination, I'm very surprised he was overlooked. WTF is it with Shatner???? News flash: HE IS A TERRIBLE TERRIBLE ACTOR.

Yay for Jemaine!

J said...

Yes! According to Jim got another nomination for Outstanding Cinematography! I was so worried! This year is its last chance! Fingers crossed! Between that, Kristin Wiig, and the nomination for American Dad, I'm set!

More seriously, I second the call for a Josh Holloway nomination. Over Emerson, or - better - over everyone else in that category. Dude had a good year.

Unknown said...

Anyone surprised by Elizabeth Moss and the absent January Jones? I'm pleased with Moss's nomination, but I thought Jones really stepped it up in season 2, particularly in A Night to Remember.

J said...

Did they dump the "Best Performance in a "Variety, Music or Comedy Special" this year? I don't see it. Just wanted to see if Craig Ferguson got nominated, make sure Fallon did not, and see who Colbert will rant about this year.

Anthony Strand said...

I'll join in the Family Guy complaining. The Simpsons has not ever been nominated, but FG is? Really? Really?! I would definitely have liked to have seen Big Bang Theory nominated over that.

Yay for Jim Parsons, Steve Carell, and Jemaine Clement! I didn't expect the last of those, especially. Of course, with those three and the always-deserving Baldwin in the running, it will go to Tony Shalhoub or Charlie Sheen for sure. *sigh*

And it's always nice to see CCH Pounder get recognized for anything, even if I've never seen that series.

Andrew said...

I can't believe they snubbed Bret from Flight of the Conchords.

(Tom and Padma wer co-nominated for hosting Top Chef, maybe Bret and Jermaine should have been co-nominated for acting?)

Agreed that Mary McDonnell should have been recognized, but not surprised that she wasn't. Given the number of solid drama lead actor performances, Olmos would be a very, very distant shot. (I'd actually think he'd have a better chance at nabbing a directing nomination for BSG, though not over Rymer.)

Connie Britton shouldn't have been nominated for supporting actress (not that she's not excellent, but she's a lead actress and shouldn't have submitted in supporting.)

Family Guy and Entourage instead of, say, Chuck and, well, anything else is, odd. But yay for Flight of the Conchords getting nominated for best comedy.

Robin said...

Here's my rhyme for the day?

What the f***? Where is CHUCK??

A Very Disappointed FNL Fan said...

Friday Nights Lights once again gets the shaft.
Kyle Chandler once again gets the shaft.
Connie Britton once again gets the shaft.
The whole damn cast once again gets the shaft.

Simon Baker over Kyle Chandler? Are they kidding me? What a complete joke.

Super, super happy for Aaron Paul.
And How I Met Your Mother.

LA said...

Josh - I think the January Jones omission is one of the things the Emmy's got right. I'm a huge fan of Mad Men, and I'll agree JJ improved 2nd season from the first. But I still cringe most of the time she recites, and I mean RECITES, her lines. The physical part of playing Betty she does fine; delivering lines, horrifying.


Anonymous said...

We got snubbed--none of the Directing and Writing noms include episode titles!

Also, "Entourage" is totally taking up the space that should be "The Big Bang Theory"'s.

Jim Monaghan said...

Once again, I am left wondering what FNL has to do in order to be recognized.

Adele said...

Everyone has pretty much mentioned my gripes but I am amazed that John Noble didn't get recognised for his work on Fringe.

I read somewhere that out of the 48 noms for acting, only 2 were from new shows (Baker and Collette - weirdly both Australian too). That doesn't seem right.

Paul Hanlin Jr said...

The HBO circlejerking continues unabated. Five measly nominations for BSG is 15 too few, and redefines the word 'obscenity'. This lineup is going to get its ass handed to it by Football Night in America on 9/20. It will be a ratings massacre, and a well-deserved one. The best drama and the best comedy (Party Down), are on the outside looking in. Nice, Emmys.

Paul Hanlin Jr said...

The writing nominations
Drama Series:
Lost - The Incident; Mad Men - Six Month Leave, A Night to Remember, Meditations in an Emergency, The Jet Set

Comedy Series:
Flight of the Concords - Prime Minister; 30 Rock- Reunion, Apollo, Apollo, Mamma Mia, Kidney Now

Henry said...

what would have been submitted for Mary McDonnell?

David, I personally think that they should have submitted "Faith" as the showcase episode for Mary McDonnell. That whole episode works. Or the episode where she screams at Gaeta that she's coming for all of them while she's on the Basestar. Sent chills up my spine during that scene.

Liz said...

No major nominations for Battlestar Galactica? I guess we shouldn't be surprised, given that the Emmys don't generally know what to do with anything scifi. But still, it is a real shame that Edward James Olmos and Mary MacDonnell didn't get the recognition they deserve for their outstanding performances.

I'm in agreement with what other posters have said about Josh Holloway and Elizabeth Mitchell in Lost, too. Both had a great season.

Nicole said...

I suspect Piven's snub has more to do with his behaviour on Broadway, than of the Emmy voters actually opening their eyes and realizing that Entourage sucks, hence Kevin Dillon and the show's nom. The ironic part is that Piven is the only decent thing on that show right now.

Happy for some noms, annoyed that Olmos and McDonnell were snubbed once again, especially on the female lead category. I mean Mariska Hargitay? really?

NPH hosting this show will now force me to watch this, so I hope he actually wins it this year.

I had heard that they removed the best performance in a comedy or variety show, which means Colbert will have no one to rant against this year. It's too bad, because Colbert really does deserve recognition for his work as a performer, even more so than Jon Stewart.

Alice Wu said...

I love 30 Rock but I don't think it really deserves what it is getting this time around. Season 3 was too much filler guest stars (who were great btw) but left the show with very little substance.

And House, the first three seasons were great. The past two were HORRIBLE. Hugh Laurie does an amazing job but it's same old. They don't deserve it either.

No FNL or Battlestar Galactica. :(

Generation Kill

Red Delicious said...

Disappointed not to see Anna Gunn on the Lead Actress roster; still forming other opinions, but generally okay with most of what else got nominated.

Anonymous said...

So glad NPH and HIMYM got a nom, but i think Colbie Smulders was great this season and deserved one as well.

Also, how about Jenna Fischer and John Krasinski? They are much more deserving supporting actors for The Office than Rainn Wilson, who was really annoying this season.

And while I love Lost and am ecstatic that Michael Emerson was nominated, Elizabeth Mitchell and Josh Holloway were robbed! Especially Holloway who made Sawyer the heart of the show this season. While we're on the subject of Lost I would have liked to have seen Jeremy Davies nominated as well.

Anonymous said...

No nomination for January Jones or Vincent Kartheiser? Huh? As for GALACTICA's snub, I must admit that I don't care. The show's last season wasn't much. I could say the same about Season 5 of LOST. Unfortunately, that show received an undeserved Best Drama nod. And if they're going to give nominations for LOST, why not give one each to Josh Holloway, Jeremy Davies and Elizabeth Mitchell. They made S5 bearable. Michael Emerson didn't do much for me, this past season.

JoeE said...

Kind of think Breaking Bad got snubbed on the direction noms, given how good the direction was on many of the episodes. I refuse to believe that any episode of Boston Legal could've been directed better than an episode of BB, in any case.

Anonymous said...

At least two of the 30 Rock writing noms came for episodes at the very end of the season (the last two, IIRC), and the second half of 30 Rock's season was far stronger (and showcased far fewer guest stars).

Anonymous said...

I never expect shows like Friday Night Lights, Battlestar Galatica, and Chuck to get nominated for these awards. Those 3 shows will always be like The Wire or Buffy with perennial snubs.

I was happy about How I Met Your Mother and Big Love getting in (even if both didn't get other major nominations except for Neil Patrick Harris), but The Emmys always flirt with being a great indicator of what's good on television but never follow through completely.

Glad that Jeremy Piven didn't make it in too.

Alan Sepinwall said...

Hey all. I took a 10-minute break from my break to write up a few quick thoughts on the nominations. So reload the post if you care.

Paul Hanlin Jr said...

Alan, the problem is that the Emmys know EXACTLY WHAT TO DO with BSG. Pretend it doesn't exist. Pretend the crumbs thrown to it are enough to justify screwing over a Peabody-winning series.

Alan Sepinwall said...

Paul, when I say they don't know what to do, I mean they don't understand it.

Unknown said...

I'm still boycotting the Emmys until Gilmore Girls get some sort of nomination.

Anonymous said...

Too much 30 Rock, not enough for The Office. No recognition for Jenna Fischer, Amy Ryan, and writing really sting. I didn't have a lot of hope for Krasinski (especially if he didn't get nominated for season 2), but it would be nice if he gets one someday. Nine nominations is great, but three are for editing!

Phil Freeman said...

Astonishing to me that Walton Goggins got passed over.

Linda said...

I really don't believe in "The Emmys" setting out to screw over anyone, including Battlestar Galactica. Yes, it used to be blue-ribbon panels who chose the final nominees, but my understanding is that this year, it was an at-large vote. Meaning that "Battlestar Galactica" (and "The Shield," and "Friday Night Lights") didn't get nominated simply because too many people voted for other things instead.

It doesn't make it any less frustrating, of course -- I won't ever find any of this as galling as the snubbing of "The Wire," so frankly, I'm over it. But honestly, this year, the Emmys surprised me mostly by being willing to throw over some -- not all, but some -- eternal nominees. Spader, Piven, Two And A Half Men, etc.

I'm sad about FNL, especially, because that's the one closest to my personal heart. But I'm not surprised in the slightest. Nor am I surprised about "Chuck." I think shows that have a really specific, offbeat tone will always be at something of a disadvantage. Emmy nominations don't reward *passionate* attachment to a show, just *broad* regard for it. It's better to have a third of the Academy think you're the sixth-best drama than to have a tenth of the Academy think you're the best show on television and the rest not get you at all.

I don't disagree at all that the nominations are frustrating, and I agree that they do not come close to representing the best of television. But I'm not sure it's because anybody is hostile to a show like FNL or BSG, as much as it's just...conservative tastes that run toward conventional shows.

John Royal said...

What, do these people really think The Office is a documentary? I like 30 Rock, but 4 writing noms is about 3 too many.

And the only funny thing about Family Guy is that it was able to get nominated for Best Comedy series. Do Stone and Parker/Comedy Central not submit South Park in that category?

Oh well, at least Thirteen didn't get nominated for acting.

Anonymous said...

"I also wonder at the thought process that would lead someone to consider Jemaine Clement a better actor than Brett McKenzie. Not a criticism of his nomination, but I do find it strange that they would cite one and not the other."


Aaron Paul, fantastic. Hope he wins.

NPH for outstanding supporting actor? Eh. This season was not his best work.

What is with all the votes for 30 Rock? It's getting less funny with every episode.

Giving Emmy voters the benefit of the doubt (this time) and assuming BSG was overlooked because season 4 was a huge disappointment on every front.

Anonymous said...

Family Guy blows goats (and the goats don't like it).

I think it would be funny if Jemaine wins and Brett goes up to accept. Or they send Rhys up instead (you just know Murray would take credit for their success!) :-)

Kate said...

The biggest upset for me were for the lead drama actress category. It's entirely understandable for them to nominate someone like Hugh Laurie over Kyle Chandler, but pretty unexceptable for them to nominate Holly Hunter or Sally Field over Mary McDonell or Connie Britton.

And of course, The Shield snub is pretty unforgivable.

But, there are some good surprises - like Piven not getting a nom, or Flight of the Conchords getting one, etc.

I do agree that Bret and Jemaine should have been a team nom instead of an individual nom. One doesn't quite work as well without the other.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering if it wouldn't make sense at some point to start separating broadcast from cable, and premium cable (HBO, Showtime) from regular cable (TNT, USA). That might give some shows and actors a bit more breathing room to be recognized. A moratorium on the number of times a show can be nominated in a single category wouldn't go amiss either.

"House" as a show may have been uneven this year, but you cannot deny that Hugh Laurie did breathtaking work in the season's final arc. He absolutely deserves the nod. And BSG and its leads were totally robbed.

Paul Hanlin Jr. said...

I'd rather have the top-rated comedy on TV (2.5 Men) or even Family Guy than Conchords and all its artsy-fartsiness. And Linda, I disagree. Emmy has ALWAYS had it in for sci-fi. The blue-ribbon panels were a fraud to begin with, since BSG didn't even make the drama series top 10 WITH them.

Addendum: The reverse ageism in the guest actress categories for both comedy and drama borders on obscene. Like nobody under 45 need apply. Kristen Bell nuked not just the fridge, but everybody who opposed her in the Party Down finale, for example.

SJ said...

How could they not nominate BSG or The Shield in a year when they had their final seasons?

Blah never expected much from the Emmys anyway. I hope Breaking Bad wins everything....definitely best drama on TV right now.

And Generation Kill seems set to win.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Alan, for clarifying why Family Guy got a nom over The Simpsons.
Amy Ryan got snubbed for Guest Actresss (The Office).

Linda said...

"Emmy has ALWAYS had it in for sci-fi."

How, exactly, did "Emmy" prevent "Battlestar Galactica" from getting nominated? What did the entity known as "Emmy" do to keep that from happening? It was on the ballot, the ballot was mailed out, the votes came back, they didn't get enough.

I'm genuinely asking: in what way is that the result of the television Academy "having it in" for sci-fi? There's a difference between "a powerful organization has it in for all the things I like" and "other things are more popular than the things I like," it seems to me. I share your feeling that certain things tend to be nominated and others don't, but I don't get how that's the result of malice on the part of the Academy (which is what I assume you mean when you speak of "Emmy" as an entity with an agenda).

Anonymous said...

Hoping we get to see an acceptance speech from David Simon for Generation Kill.

Anna said...

I am totally done with the major categories. Too many disappointments every year. From now on I'm only focusing on the smaller categories.

Pushing Daisies for Best Costuming!

Jay said...

Unbelievable how The Shield gets completely snubbed. The last season was incredible, all around. The Emmy's failure to nominate this and The Wire is exactly why I can't take those awards too seriously.

Even if you don't like Piven or even Entourage (like everyone here, lol), he was clearly better than Drama.

It is pretty cool Jermaine got a nomination, but Murray was much funnier IMO. I'm disappointed he didn't get a supporting actor nomination.

I'm hoping Breaking Bad takes it all.

Craig Ranapia said...

EJO & MM (BSG) - Mom and Dad of the fleet were so deserving of a final recognition. I think the gap in time from the nominations and the finale + the prejudice against genre shows is to blame. But seriously...this is a HUGE slight to the incredible work done by these two actors.

No disrespect to Olmos and McDonnell, but they're merely the anchors of the best ensemble cast on television. Tricia Helfer, James Callas, Michael Hogan, Grace Park, Kate Vernon and the truly terrifying Dean Stockwell all did non-worthy work in season four. But as Alan said, the snub is annoying but not surprising -- genre snobbery is alive and well.

Craig Ranapia said...

"House" as a show may have been uneven this year, but you cannot deny that Hugh Laurie did breathtaking work in the season's final arc.

Oh yes I can... I loved Hugh Laurie before it was trendy :), but does 'House' actually challenge or extend him anymore? Don't think so.

Heather said...

I was going to be outraged by omissions but now I just hope the best of the categories win. NPH, gunning for you.

Also is it wrong to love the omission of Piven? If it is, I don't mind.

HUGE suprise with Flight of the Conchords (but a nice one) and Family Guy (I have no idea why that show is so damn funny. I think it's idiotic).

Just a little peeved Burn Notice got only one nod for stunts. Please a dramedy category. Obviously there are no more miniseries anymore (2 nods?) so let's merge that with movies and make dramedy categorys.

Here's to next year for Lost to be inundated with awards.

Lastly, Jim Parsons looked absolutely adorable in his suit.

Anonymous said...

The only plausible explanation for Piven's ommission is that his lack of professionalism has finally caught up with him. Hence, it is just, and loving justice is right!

You're in the clear, Heather.

Anonymous said...

u cant take an awards show seriously when they never gave any awards to the wire.

Anonymous said...

The reason 2 out of 3 Big Love wives and Connie Briton weren't nominated for Best Drama Actress was because they submitted themselves in the Supporting Actress category actually. Jeanne Tripplehorn could have gotten a Best Actress nomination (along with Mary McDonnell), but Holly Hunter seemed to have taken that spot undeservedly (I've never been a fan of that show).

The Drama Supporting Actress category was pretty crowded already, but it's still a shame Briton, Chloe Sevigny, and Ginnefer Goodwin weren't nominated.

Unknown said...

Walton Goggins? Christina Hendricks? Look at who got in those categories - what 4 year olds selected here? Sheeesh

Breaking Bad - Outstanding 1 hour Cinematography - ABQ was really quite awesome! - Especially when you consider they tracked a lost camera hundreds of miles only to discover the bloody thing had taken a ton of film with its lens cap still on - Heh I bet it would only have been better with that footage.

Ditto for Lynne Willingham as the editing was something quite special.

Outstanding Drama, Outstanding Lead Actor and Outstanding Supporting Actor. Vince, Bryan and Aaron deserve them all.

After the Shield got so terribly snubbed for so many years the above 5 awards and my fellow Kiwi Jemaine are the only ones I care about. Go Breaking Bad!

Unknown said...

By the way, for those of you that dont live in New Zealand here is the new local Rys Darby TV advertisement for the new 2 Degrees mobile network here - classic (if sadly so short) stuff.

Question Mark said...
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Question Mark said...

Wrote a big Emmy piece on my own blog ( (cheap plug!) but wanted to ask.....any reason behind the field of seven for the best drama/comedy categories?

Unknown said...

It's not just that The Simpsons was never nominated. It's that the two years it submitted in the Comedy series category were its fourth and fifth seasons, two seasons roundly acclaimed as among the best in TV HISTORY. That Family Guy got in for what is easily its WORST season compounds the irritation.

(This is Todd VDW. For some reason, I'm signed in under some other account.)

Gladly said...

Hoping we get to see an acceptance speech from David Simon for Generation Kill.

I completely agree, especially after a throwdown with Little Dorrit. Plus, it would be good to get some momentum for Treme.

I'm hoping that Alexander Skarsgard didn't submit himself as a lead actor, nor James Ransone for supporting, otherwise, I consider those snubs. They both deserved the nomination, and I think Skarsgard might have won because his profile's been raised with True Blood.

alynch said...

I'm hoping that Alexander Skarsgard didn't submit himself as a lead actor, nor James Ransone for supporting, otherwise, I consider those snubs.

Consider it a snub then. Skarsgard was submitted as a lead, and everyone else was submitted as supporting.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be funny if, with Generation Kill, Simon and Burns finally got an Emmmy after spending the last decade getting snubbed in pretty much every award show for writing the best show on T.V? To quote Better Off Ted: "They have a word for that. It's called irony"

Carlonos said...

I love 30 Rock and Mad Men, but I think it's ridiculous to give them 4 noms each in the writing categories...The Office definitely deserved at least one nomination for comedy, and Breaking Bad for drama...and obviously The Shield and BSG deserved drama writing noms as well but we all know The Emmy's have a foolish history when it comes to those programs.

Just doesn't seem very balanced here. Are 30 Rock and Mad Men spectacular? Yeah. But they're also not the only shows on TV.

The Bgt said...

Does anyone really care about the Emmy's anymore?

Same people giving the same awards to same people during a very boring ceremony every fra*ing year.

It is outrageous to have Mariska HArgitay constantly nominated for what has become the worst drama series of the L&O franchise and to omit one of the best tv performances ever: Mary Macdonnell

Scorpius UK said...

I am absolutely FUMING that neither Eddie, Mary, Katee, Michael H, Trisha, James, Alessandro, Grace nor Jamie were nominated for any acting awards.
The Academy would not know great quality, certifiably classic drama if it came up and f***ed them in the arse...

Scorpius UK said...

Also I am astounded that Bear has NEVER been nominated for any of his battlestar scores. IMHO his themes and cues have surpassed John William's work on Star Wars and Howard Shore on LOTR.
I truly believe that Bear has the potential to become one of the greatest composers, in any medium, in living memory. Nuff said...

Joe said...

How many people did the entire cast and crew from FNL piss off? No one on either side of the camera, aside from casting gets a nom. How is that possible?
I wonder if there's some backlash for producing the show in TX. Some eps look and feel so cinematic it's hard to believe no director or cinematography noms.
Plus Coach/Mrs. Coach is the best relationship on TV.

Kevin Michaels said...

Not a lot to say that hasn't been said re: The Shield. I think it's criminal that the show itself didn't get nominated but House, Big Love, and Lost did.....and Hugh Laurie and Simon Baker over Michael Chiklis? Come on - Laurie is an accomlished actor but were any of his performances really much of a stretch or different in any way (emotionally or artistically) than what we've seen before? And how about Walton Goggins? Under-appreciated yet Shatner gets another nod? CCH Pounder? Katey Sagal from Sons? And how about directing or writing considerations for The Shield or Sons of Anarchy? And 4 nominations for writing for Mad Men???? Did the nominating committee lose all the other tapes and watch only the past season of Mad Men?

Maybe it's time for the Emmy's and the nominating process to jump into the new Millenium and increase the nominations by category - 30- 40 years ago there were 3 TV networks from which to choose outstanding performances, writing, etc. Now that number has exploded and the pool of performances from which to choose is infinitely larger.

Edward Copeland said...

I'll just concur with everyone angry over the snub for The Shield. I also think it's ridiculous that real supporting actresses in comedy series get left out since they killed the category where SNL players legitemately belonged and took up two slots with them. At least though the finally stopped nominating 24 by rote.

Josh said...

-Weeds plus noms for Mary Louise Parker and Elizabeth Perkins
-Lost and Big Love for Best Drama
-Kristen Wiig and Jane Krakowski very welcome surprises in comedy supporting actress
-Piven has always been hilarious as Ari but glad his spot went to Kevin Dillon this time - Johnny Drama is f'ing hilarious

-Tony Shalhoub, Charlie Sheen
-Damages Season 2 didn't warrant a Best Drama nomination; also think William Hurt's nom is rubbish
-Sally Field, Holly Hunter, Mariska

-Say what you will about Katherine Heigl but the last few episodes of Grey's should have gotten her a nom. Ditto Justin Chambers
-Justin Kirk on Weeds
-Both 24 and Kiefer left out coming off a fantastic season

Ariadne said...

The Emmys are such a popularity contest but everyone acts as if they are based on quality and not being one of the cool kids, especially those voting on them. The changes this year where the submissions were by invitation only made it even worse.

There are the 'in' shows like Mad Men, Big Love, 30 Rock and Breaking Bad. If you're on a show that isn't a current darling like ER, NCIS or FNL, no matter how good you are, you might as well forget about it.

While Hugh Laurie is usually entertaining, I figure the only way House got a nomination is because those voting weren't watching the show this season. It's too bad a bad season is going to be reinforced because of the show's buzz.

Ross said...

lots of grousing has already covered what i consider to be outrages. the only one i will add to the discussion is Raymond Cruz as Tuco in Breaking Bad for guest actor in a dramatic series. if you watched either of the episodes he was in this season, you felt terror creep into your bones whenever he was on screen. it could have been the writing or the direction of the show, which were also both overlooked, but i think Cruz squeezed every last drop out of that role and crafted a truly memorable bad guy. it's too bad that the Emmy Awards feel the need to pack the guest actor and actress categories with names over performances.