Sunday, August 02, 2009

The TCA Awards turn 25 - Sepinwall on TV

Over at, I have a fuller account of last night's TCA Awards, including a photo of Jon Hamm making a rare public appearance where he went full-on Draper.


Zac F. said...

Do your comments about The Big Bang Theory and Jim Parsons in general mean that you're coming around to that show or not?

Too bad Jon Hamm didn't show up dressed like Don Draper, but with his hair like his character on 30 Rock. That would have been funny!

Heather said...

I wish this show was televised. It sounds like a lot more fun than the Emmys.

belinda said...

I love that BSG finally got some well deserved Kudos.

Love, love, LOVE the current banner!

Anonymous said...

The Carell critique is from the late (now

Details at:

which mentions Carell comment to the critic at the time.