Saturday, August 01, 2009

TCA: 'Dollhouse' creator Joss Whedon previews season two

Over at, I have a lengthy report from our visit to the set of "Dollhouse," including Joss Whedon elaborating on the "Epitaph One" issue I was worried about after Comic-Con(*), as well as him discussing the show's lengthy but ultimately productive growing pains, and him explaining why the show's better off for ditching the Remote-Free TV gimmick.

(*) I'm fairly vague about the details of the episode, if you're still planning on watching but don't have the DVD/time yet. Since the earlier Comic-Con post exists to discuss it more explicitly, I'd ask anyone who's seen the episode to be as vague about it here as I was in the post. Thanks.


Hatfield said...

I just had my ten-year high school reunion. Or rather, it took place while a bunch of us planned our own thing elsewhere. And while I heard it was (very) sparsely attended, it did lead to this exchange:

My friend Sharie: "I saw Miracle at the reunion, she's on Dollhouse now."

Me: "Miracle Laurie, on Dollhouse? You mean, Joss Whedon's Dollhouse, on Fox?"

Sharie: "Yeah, that one."

Me: "You mean, on it like she guested or had a few speaking lines?"

Sharie: "I mean on it like she's in the main cast."

Crazy! The woman in the green in the middle of the picture above is a good friend of one of my good friends, and someone I knew well enough to talk to back in high school, someone I could very well have run into at some point and said, "Hey, Miracle, how have you been?" without having any idea she was on a show I was eagerly waiting for DVD to catch up with. More proof I need a Tivo.

Matthew said...

Alan - There's the rogue start of a sentence, "Since the earlier", at the end of the post that isn't actually finished anywhere that I can see.

Anyway, enjoyable article. Loved that Whedon loves a good zombie apocalypse - although looking at his body of work, I'm not surprised.

Craig Ranapia said...
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Craig Ranapia said...

And, a year later and with all that creative turmoil behind him, Whedon wanted to be clear that Fox shouldn't be considered the bad guy in any of the show's early struggles.

"I work very hard on the relationship with the people who pay for my shows," he said. "I respect them, and I respect their agenda -- which will not always be mine -- and I respect their decision-making process."

Fair enough too, but is anyone actually responsible for the soft core porno pictures of Eliza Dushku which obviously didn't bring in undersexed teen demo, and only served to piss off a good proportion of Whedon's (female) fanbase for whom the premise was always going to be a hard sell?

I can understand why Whedon doesn't want to be a diva, but really... There are times when you've got to point out what that awful smell is, and and who tracked it all over the rug.

Anonymous said...

I actually think FOX did a good thing by not airing the original pilot which was far too similar to a LOST clips episode. There was a lot of good story in the pilot that was poorly elaborated on in the first season.