Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Firewall & Iceberg podcast, episode 10: Treme, Miami Medical and the V countdown clock

Another installment of the Firewall & Iceberg podcast is up, with Dan and I jumping the gun on "Treme" due to the likelihood of me being off next week (and also because it gave me the chance to tell one David Mills story that I left out of the earlier post). So stream, download, listen, etc. (the link has all the relevant details, including the rundown)


Miken said...

I was already way too excited about Treme. Thanks for making it even worse.

Anonymous said...

Is Daniel Fienberg a pseudonym for Jonathan Slavin? I couldn't get the comparison out of my head and it made me realize how much the world needs Phil and Lem to have a podcast.

Henry said...

I think you guys took it easy on the V clock countdown fail. I was thinking about writing a strongly-worded letter to ABC execs, not that it would do anything.

Jobin said...

Wow, Fienberg definitely sounds like Jonathan Slavin, that's a GREAT call right there Anonymous.

Plus, Fienberg is so awkward when he tries to be funny, and Slavin is a great awkward actor. One day Fienberg will realize that he's a (very good) TV critic and not a (pitifully bad) comedian.

Pamela Jaye said...

thanks for changing the name of the mp3 from "podcast (number)" (this may have happened weeks ago and I'm just a lazy slob for not renaming or filing, but someday I'm going to find "podcast 3" and wonder what it is. ;-) )

Pamela Jaye said...

I remember when FX was showing annoying promos for The Shied during reruns of Buffy in 2001 or 2002 or whenever and a whole bunch of fans on the Buffy newsgroup vowed they were never going to watch The Sheild.
I was, of course, one of them, but I don't really count as i would never have watched it anyway.
Miami Medical - I haven't seen a promo or an ad or anything, but I'm assuming it takes place in a hospital, so even though I still have a grudge against Moonves, I'll be there. (so far, Fox and ABC are the only major nets left that I don't have something against - and you have to wonder why. Shouldn't I be blaming Fox for the fact I have Reunion Syndrome?)

Pamela Jaye said...

on the page it says

Follow Alan Sepinwall's updates on Twitter and Facebook and become a fan!

but the only page i can find on Facebook is your personal page. Is there a Facebook fan page or group or...? The new search box on Facebook is now finding web pages sooner than Facebook pages as evidenced by a search for Z on TV's Facebook page/group/whatever. I finally had to follow a friend's breadcrumbs to find the actual page and worse - I'd been there before. The FBML code is unbookmarkable... unlike real html and normal urls

Karmic Pathways said...

Oh crap-----Treme is on in the same timeslot as Breaking Bad?!?!?! Noooo!

And I completely agree with your rant about the V timer. I couldn't read what Sun was writing to Jack. Then again, this season of Lost has really not grown on me despite being nearly halfway through.

Oh, and Alan, your tribute to David Mills moved me. Truly sad that he passed away before the premier of Treme.

Machelle said...

Re: Treme
Loved the line, "This show wants to be specifically and richly about New Orleans." Made me think of the footage of David Mills saying something to the effect of, take The Wire out of Baltimore, you still have a show. Take out New Orleans from this show...and the audience and David Simon just crack up.