Sunday, January 14, 2007

24: Taking a bite out of crime

I feel like I gave most of my thoughts on the first four "24" episodes in my column on Friday, so this is mostly an excuse for people to comment. However, I have to discuss one spoiler-y thing after the jump...

Dude! Jack totally bit out some guy's carotid!!!!! Dude! DUDE!!!!!

Sorry, but moments like that unleash my inner 14-year-old, and also excuse the usual "24" sins, in this case including a higher talkiness quotient than usual. The stuff about civil liberties vs. security is interesting to a point, but mostly I'm guessing that it, like Jack's temporary crisis of confidence, will last only until the writers get distracted and move on to something else. For a guy who was barely capable of moving early in episode one, Jack got limber in a hurry, what with the way he kicked the bomber off the subway car.

What did everybody else think?


Anonymous said...

Still cool. I love Jack Bauer. I loved the Fox Football intro using the 24 graphics and Keifer. I am wondering what the censors bleeped out from one of the terrorists. I agree a bit much talking. I like they are making an effort to think about civil liberties. I had to leave the room for the torture, once again. I am looking forward to more Monday.

Anonymous said...

Nice setup for the season. Though the notion of 24 commenting on injury to civil liberties is ironic, to say the least. Is there a regular cast member who has not been tortured at some point during the past 5 episodes?

Mac said...

Even for Jack, that was pretty hardcore. So I had a little trouble with the "I can't do this anymore" after that.

The civil liberties stuff will probably drag out for a few episodes, or however many Regina King is signed for.

Anonymous said...

Well, now that we've all seen the credits, it was Curtis I was talking about last post (mainly because Alan mentioned every other returning cast member in the article but him). Although now that I think about it, I'm not entirely sure if Curtis made it to regular cast member last season. (Don't check, it's not worth it.)

It's off to a pretty good start, although Jack is pretty chipper after whatever Fayed did from behind him that made him screech. And while I'm nitpicking, if the three bombs at the end of the second episode were simultaneous, how did they already have a death toll on the one in Chicago?

Best line of the night:

"Chloe, look at me!"
"I'd rather not."

Unknown said...

Anyone flashing back Keifer's role in "Lost Boys" on that bitedown?

One more for the nitpick pile:

Wouldn't Jack have muscular atrophy after wasting in a Chinese cell for 2 years, or did they toss him a home gym and 3 square meals as some form of punishment?

Anonymous said...

Not to mention the extensive nerve damage he must have suffered from being electrocuted regularly over a period of 2 years.

Howard Gordon wrote the first episode. X-Files losers like me know he leans left; that must have screwed with some of the neocons out there.

K J Gillenwater said...

Jack has always been 'more than human' when it comes to what he physically manages to do after torture, being jolted back to life, etc. That is part of the fun of the show...Jack is just plain unstoppable! Even after 2 years in a Chinese prison...

I love that he is doubting himself, that he thinks he doesn't have it in him anymore, that his instincts are shot. Bring it on!

I also like his messed up hand...was he burned or what?

Can't wait for tonight!!!!!!! "24" gets better every year!

Anonymous said...

Bauer does what he's gotta do. "Get me a toothpick, NOW!!!"

"Howard Gordon wrote the first episode. X-Files losers like me know he leans left; that must have screwed with some of the neocons out there."

Well, there was something for everybody. Like having the lunkhead white guys go after the Middle Eastern kid for no reason, but then it turns out the kid really is a terrorist. Gotcha!

Anonymous said...

Treacher: That it does, it's actually fairly balanced. I liked how the FBI guy arresting Sandra wasn't some bigot but just a guy doing his job.

If I were Kal Penn, I wouldn't go anywhere near Detroit for a while, though.

Anonymous said...

If I were Kal Penn, I wouldn't try to play a high school student.

Anonymous said...

Liked the first two eps so far, but for Regina King. She is utterly unconvincing as an attorney (her speech going all "street" at weird times). Hopefully, she is only in for a few eps ... perhaps even being the 'hidden' traitor.

'cept for the throat-kill, thought there'd be more of a 'surprise' moment we've all come to expect on the show. Guessing the two hours tonight (Monday) will give those "WOW" moments.

- Mase
(suspending disbelief successfully for the 6th season -- 'cept Cougar girl and now Regina King)

Anonymous said...

If I were Kal Penn, I wouldn't try to play a high school student.

He was supposed to be a high school student??

Jack going all Lost Boys was awesome. And really, really gross.

Is this Regina King the same one who does the voices of Huey and his brother on "The Boondocks"? Cuz that will make it even harder for me to take her annoying character seriously.