Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm otherwise detained

Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was away from TV last night and may be tonight as well. ("Heroes" was a DVD screener I had watched in advance.) So my thoughts on "Studio 60," "24" and "How I Met Your Mother" will have to wait, at least until tonight, if not beyond that. Sorry, folks. Like I said when I left press tour early, occasionally the real world becomes more important than television.

Also done in advance, like the "Heroes" post: today's column, which is primarily a wrap-up of network scheduling announcements made in the tour's final days. Someone here had asked about the online fate of "Day Break," and there's an answer to that, too.


Anonymous said...

Hope everything is okay, Alan! Look forward to your reviews when you get to them.

Anonymous said...

The CW will give "Veronica Mars" an eight-week break beginning March 6, in favor of "Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll"

Bah. Feh. Bleah. Stupid network. I am curious, though: What was the Sartre ref?

Hope things improve for you soon in the personal arena, Alan!

Alan Sepinwall said...

Dez: Go here for a full account.

Elwood said...

If "Drive" is taking over the 8pm Monday slot, what's happening to "Prison Break?" Are they running new eps straight through to an April 9th season finale?

Anonymous said...

I should post this in the Scrubs comment section, but who is still looking there?

Some lovely copyright infringer has saved me the trouble of ripping all the songs to the musical by way of a cable from my laptop to my desktop machine, and I figured something out:

the show has no ending. more specifically, no final song. no musical closure (they didn't record the 6 hummed notes at the end)
so, if you just listen to the music, it just kinda trails off...

on the upside, my boss has been amazingly patient with me playing it five times in a row (there just aren't that many songs) and just said "so that's the sitcom in the hospital? It's funny"
(and if you can't glean from that that she's never watched the show herself...)

I now return you to... whatever this thread is. I haven't actually read the post yet.

and now that I have, hopefully real life isn't "getting too real" as my friend once put it, when things went horribly wrong.
Good luck with whatever it is.

Unidentified copyright violator

Anonymous said...

Dez: Go here for a full account.

Hahahahhaha! Those execs sure are a clueless lot.

I echo elwood's question: What's going to happen to PB?

Anonymous said...

There's an interview with Rob Thomas over at Television Without Pity, where he basically says they're trying it out and will see how it goes. It's definitely worth reading if you're a VM fan (and there's a Very Special Guest Appearence somewhere around Page 13.)

BF said...

For those asking about Prison Break:

There's 8 episodes left (if you assume a 24 episode season). 8 more Mondays takes us up to April 2nd. 24 could then have a back-to-back on April 9th leaving the Monday at 8 EST open for Drive from April 16th till ... pretty much September.