Friday, January 26, 2007

A tale of two Davids, part deux

David Mills interviews David Simon some more.


Undercover Black Man said...

Thanks for the plug, Alan. (I will return your cat now, safe and unharmed.)

Seriously, though, the Simon interview brought a lot of new eyeballs to my blog, and I'm very grateful to you for spreading the word.

Especially because, yesterday, CBS went thumbs-down on my latest pilot. So I've got nothing to do for the foreseeable future but blog.

I've been trying to do the Gehrig-Ripken "iron man" thing like you, but unless I start writing about porn too, or making up shit outright ("The Day I Snorted Heroin with David Milch"), it ain't gonna happen.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us what the pilot was about, UBM, or do you have to keep it hush-hush? Also, can you shop it to other networks (I don't know if you have an exclusive deal with CBS or not)?

Undercover Black Man said...

Dez: The pilot was sort of an "X-Files" type thing based on the real-life late-night radio talk show "Coast to Coast." Host George Noory was a producing partner on it; the main character, in fact, was named "George Noory."

The thing about shopping it to other networks is, once the network which developed an idea rejects it, the whole thing takes on a stench of death. Every mechanism of the TV industry -- the studios, the networks, my own agent -- looks ahead to the next idea. It's fighting the universe to try keeping a rejected script in play.

Anonymous said...

Shoot, that's the kind of show that's right up my alley! Sorry to hear about that.

Is it something that could be retooled into, say, a one-hour ep of Showtime's "Masters of Horror"? Some of the stuff that's been on there has been hybrid SF/horror, so an "X-Files" type of episode wouldn't be out of the question :-) Or maybe it can be lengthened for a feature film? Does that "stench" extend to other media, or stay confined to TV?

As for your blog, I vote for "The Day Alan & I Pantsed Aaron Sorkin." Except you would actually have to do it because I want to be there with my camera when it happens.