Friday, January 12, 2007

Dick loves HBO

The latest official blog entry: Dick Wolf thinks broadcast network execs should intern at HBO.

Also, I'm curious: do the allegedly entry-specific links take you to the entry in question, or just to the most recent entry? Just as a test, can someone tell me where clicking on this link to the Sarah Silverman entry takes them?


Anonymous said...

It just takes you to the latest post (Dick Wolf)...

Alan Sepinwall said...

Grrr. Argh. Must consult with staff (when the three-day weekend ends, I guess).

Ted Frank said...

Worse, some choad starts talking in the lower right hand corner of my screen about NJ Transit.

Anonymous said...

it takes me to the Sarah Silverman thing.

Anonymous said...

I haven't studied to see where you were *trying* to go.

and I didn't get the little annoying man again -- just when I was starting to wonder what it was he was talking about. are they sending alerts via cell phones at to when your bus/train is coming? cause that would be cool (if I was in NJ and carless. it would have been cool when I was in Boston and carless and freezing my rear off. the brother had the temerity, the other day, to suggest one should arrive at a bus stop only very shortly before said bus was due. made me think he never rode public transit...)

(remind me not to post urls... they never fit and they don't wrap)

Pam *from* Boston

Anonymous said...

interestingly, going to the specific entry, and clicking on the "permalink" takes me to

perhaps there is an extra / in the permalink (I see one more than I think I should) and it's what's tossing me right out of the domain. (how we are ending up at the right site at all is beyond what I feel like exploring at the moment) I just don't think urls should have double slashes anywhere other than after the inital colon.

Pam, a few days late