Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Like school on Saturday

Two new ABC sitcoms tonight, two different columns to deal with them. First is "Knights of Prosperity," where seeing the Mick-less second episode confirmed for me how important he was to the pilot, and maybe how thin the joke is overall:
Mick Jagger is the funniest new sitcom star of the season -- but unfortunately, he isn't starring in a sitcom for very long.

Jagger plays himself as the celebrity target of a group of bumbling idiot thieves in "The Knights of Prosperity." That awful title is actually the show's third or fourth. It began as "Let's Rob Jeff Goldblum," then changed to "Let's Rob..." after Goldblum signed to do another show, and was perhaps briefly referred to as "Let's Rob Mick Jagger." Now, finally, we come to "The Knights of Prosperity," which is so bad that the characters complain about it as the name of their criminal organization. The problem is, their leader already had T-shirts printed up, so Knights it is.

To read the full thing, click here. Still, whatever long-term probblems "Knights" has, it's infinitely preferable to "In Case of Emergency," a show so terrible I spent half the review wondering if I'd been too hard on "The Class."


Anonymous said...

All I could think of when I was watching In Case of Emergency a few months ago was worst. cast. Ever. Alan, have you ever seen such a non-compelling and miscast bunch of actors? Any comparable casting debacles hiding in your brain?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone seem to notice how KNIGHTS borrowed rather liberally from MY NAME IS EARL? Dead-end loser hits rock bottom then finds a new purpose in life after taking a skewed spin on a celebrity getting interviewed. Lots of humor from the sweet but slightly dim leads. An attractive Latina who keeps humorously referring to how crazy/violent her homeland is.