Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Gilmore Girls: Cleaning up Amy's mess

"Gilmore Girls" spoilers coming right up...

Well, gee, that only took Rosenthal and company 14 episodes to fix -- kind of.

I give the new team credit for not sweeping the idiotic Christopher one-night stand cliffhanger under the rug, and for trying to play it out as the characters might, but 14 episodes? Out of 22? In what may or may not be the show's final season? The writers had to spend that much time on Lorelai realizing once again that, when push comes to shove, Chris is a selfish loser? I'll grant you that we didn't spend every single one of the 14 on this arc, but it's pretty close. Some very fine acting by Lauren Graham at the end, but I could not be happier to see the back of this storyline.

In our other major relationship, things are going so well, everyone's behaving so maturely, that one of two things has to be going on. Either the writers are using Rory and Logan as a counterpoint to how messed up Lorelai and Chris have been, or they're setting them up for a major fall. At first, I assumed Hunky TA would cause some trouble, but Rory ratted herself out on that one almost instantly. After last week, a few of you guessed that Logan was about to go broke and that would put strain on the relationship if Rory was the rich one. I don't know, but I'm glad to see Logan no longer being an ass, even if I don't totally buy the transformation from Point A to Point Z.

It's late and I'm tired, so let me open the floor already. What did everybody else think?


Unknown said...

I have no choice but to accept the resolution, even if I thought it was pretty out there. I do enjoy the Paris and Rory scenes a great deal and thought it a pity Paris in the belly dancing class was relegated to my imagination.

A side note: I'm not sure if this is very new, but I do like the addition of the "labels" as I have found it a little difficult to do searches on the blog. I'm not sure why but I can never find what I'm looking for.

dark tyler said...

Yeah, the new version of Blogger is very convenient, although it took me hours to go back and sort every single post. Ouch.

Anyways. I think Amy would have gone there certainly not sooner, but the whole process would have been less excruciating than that.

On a related note, I heard that Parker Posey is gonna be in Amy's new show, "The Return of Jezebel James." If this is true, I think I'm going to die from happiness a little bit.

Alan Sepinwall said...

Since I've been posting around 2-3 times daily since October '05, it's going to take me a while to label all the old posts (I think I've only gone back to this fall's premiere week), but I'll get there eventually.

Anonymous said...

I think I mentioned this last week, but I'm actually pretty happy that the writer's didn't totally rush this story. Not that I didn't hate every minute of it, but it would have felt very unrealistic to have it go toooo quickly. Having said that, yippee! And I'm happy that while chris was a selfish ass, they also had him being sorta mature at the end their which fit with where they were taking his character. And finally Lorelai had some backbone (the first time they talked) and spunk back in her interactions with him--calling him on running away. All in all I was fairly satisfied which is saying something being that I've hated most of last and this season. Maybe we're about to turn a corner for the potentially last few episodes--one can only hope! From the previews next week looks like it might have more town and less drama which would be great.
oh and love the "labels" or tags or whatever they call them too.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how they could have resolved the Christopher plot in much less time. I mean, there was really a lot that had to change, and that stuff just doesn't happen fast.

What I really like is that they didn't demonize Christopher. They stayed true to the character, who just happens to be about three steps less dependable than a spouse should be.

CM said...

Alan, just in case you don't know about this, on the Blogger dashboard you can search for posts and label them all at once (so, you could search for Gilmore, select all, and then label them "Gilmore Girls" instead of doing them one by one).

Unknown said...

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