Friday, February 02, 2007

The O.C.: Insert "SexyBack" joke here...

Very brief spoilers for "The O.C." coming right up...

Definitely feeling the melancholy at the prospect of three episodes left, even if, plotwise, the show continues limping towards the finish line. The Julie/Frank and Kaitlin/Bullet pairings at the end were pretty sweet (though I wonder how long Gordon, cool as he is in his own weird way, will actually be willing to play father figure to his ex-girlfriend's daughter), but I still don't really buy Kevin Sorbo as Ryan's dad, and I feel like the state of Seth and Summer's relationship has been questioned far, far too many times in only 13 episodes this season.

Liked the Bait Shop in-joke where the reporter wonders how such a tiny venue always gets such big names, but I'm very disappointed in Josh -- or whoever the show's '80s Reference Continuity Supervisor is supposed to be -- for having Kirsten blame her perm on "Top Gun," which came out in the summer of '86, and then have her meet Sandy while he's campaigning for Mondale sometime in 1984.

That's all I've got, though Fienberg has an amusing take on how incestuous the show has been and continues to be now that Ryan's dad has hooked up with his dead girlfriend's mom.

What did everybody else think?


Anonymous said...

I thought this was an improvement over the last 2 weeks, but the show definitely feels like it's winding down. I'm actually looking forward to next week's earthquake episode as the relationship drama is feeling REALLY played out right now.

Anonymous said...

Btw, seeing Seth, Summer, and Taylor as little kids in 1998 was a little freaky for me. I'm the same age as the actors in real life and, even though they play much younger on the show, I still basically identify with them. But seeing them in elementary school when I was graduating from high school made me feel VERY old. Thanks Josh.

Anonymous said...

One little thing I really appreciated was having Ryan as well as Taylor pick up on his dad's feelings about Julie at dinner. It does seem to make sense for him (whereas for Seth to be totally oblivious in a similar situation would also make sense).

On the other hand, I don't care if Ryan was driving the car at the end, Taylor should have had the chauffer's cap on.

Anonymous said...

Show is still charming and fun, even if it does feel like its winding down. There are more clever, funny moments per episode here than most any other show, even if it has been stripped of the marissa fueled melodrama.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this ep. It had a sweet ending.

I'm glad that towards the end they explained what happened with Kirsten's abortion. Granted, I suspected that Jimmy had been the father, but it was still good that they wrapped up this plotline.

Other things I liked:
Frank is just as inarticulate as Ryan.
Watching Berkely Kirsten and Berkely Sandy meet.
That Frank and Julie having the same background allows her to be herself with him.
Caitlin fighting hard to keep Julie with Bullit so Caitlin can the step-dad she likes.
Bullit agreeing to remain friends with Caitlin.
Summer's Valentine's Day present to Seth.

What was lacking, and it's really bugging me, is an explanation for Frank's metamorphosis from abusive alcoholic husband and father to nice guy.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this ep in spite of the terrible flashbacks. The camerawork was jerky, the actors were was a lame device to show events that would have been better if the real actors would just talk about their experiences instead of thinking about them.

I don't buy the Julie-Frank romance at all. I DO buy the Kaitlin-Bullit relationship. As much as Kaitlin annoyed me last year, I am surprised how she has grown on me this year...