Tuesday, May 22, 2007

American Idol: Top 2

My thoughts on the Jordin rout are already up at NJ.com, but you can talk about the show here.


Nicole said...

That was a pretty uninspiring final. Neither of them really stood out and sure Jordin sang the crappy puppy dog song a little better, but she had to resort to glory noting to make it not completely generic.
I didn't think that I was such a Melinda fan until we had a show without her.
Neither of the finalists are without talent, but it's almost as if a focus group helped choose the singers least likely to inspire any emotion whatsoever.
On paper, this is Jordin's to lose.

Anonymous said...

Can I make a write in vote for Sanjaya?

What a dismal season. I am glad it is finally over. Hopefully better talent next year.

Undercover Black Man said...

^ Yep. Glad it's over. They need to rebound next year... big-time.

Anonymous said...

Boy did they sandbag Blake with that last song or what? I actually sampled some of the final 20 entries in the songwriting competition-- yes, I'm that much of a masochist-- and found a handful of passable Idol songs. But man was that hideous. You have to give Jordin credit for selling it well (and actually getting carried away by its generic sentiment), but it was clear from bar one who was going to win the crucial Round 3. (And I also question whether Blake was ever in it to win it: Given the choice between going first or second, who in the world would want to give up the pimp slot?)

A pretty rough season overall. I'm not sure if a complete retooling is necessary, but they better hope from some more distinctive talent next year.

Anonymous said...

What a horrible final night. Just atrocious all the way around. Poor Melinda was robbed.

dark tyler said...

I guess Blake can only, erm, "work his magic" on songs other people have performed before him. :P

I didn't expect to, but I rather enjoyed this finale. The season as a whole was awful, but this was way better than last year's Soul Patrol v KatPee face-off.

As for the results, I guess I'm happy Jordin won it all. She was my favorite since the round of 24, after all.

Anonymous said...

I said yesterday that I thought Blake would be better off losing. I stand by that. His career is getting off to a rocky start if he has to release This is My Now. Oy. You Give Love A Bad Name should be his first single. Or Maybe Time of the Season.

Jordin's a good enough singer and she's so adorable that I almost liked it when she sang it. I thought that if I heard it on the radio, I wouldn't change the station the first couple of times I heard it.

I agree that strategically Blake should have done a new remix, but I still loved his Bon Jovi.

Anonymous said...

You failed to mention when Jordin got all weepy on the last note of the coronation song. It was an amazing TV moment. And then the camera panned to everyone in the audience crying too. Man, that girl is a pro. She knows exactly what she's doing. Melinda may have been the more polished vocalist but Jordin is much better at giving the audience what they want.

Unknown said...

Now that Idol is closing, are you going to be following and commenting on On The Lot?

Alan Sepinwall said...

We'll see. "On the Lot" tanked massively last night, so it may not be around long enough to be worth ocmmenting on.

Adam said...

Burnett has had shows do poorly before -- The Contender, The Restaurant, The Martha Stewart Apprentice -- but they've always stayed on air throughout their runs.

It's already been filmed -- what else would they fill the slots with during the summer? More House?