Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Bombs and 'Palms'

Been a while since I've had two column links in the same day, especially out-of-season, but today there be two: a review of CBS News' special about the IED that killed four people and nearly killed reporter Kimberly Dozier a year ago today, and a brief review of the CW's long-delayed "Hidden Palms," which CW folk insist is not Summer Burn-Off Theatre.


Anonymous said...

I almost believe that Hidden Palms is not only a summer burn-off, if only because CW really needs a new scripted program with decent ratings, but then they had plenty of opportunity to lunch it during the regular season and the pilot doesn't make very believable that they suddenly decided that the show would work better as a summer show. I'd guess it's in a slighty better position than the usual summer burn off show.

dark tyler said...

Alan, I was actually way more interested in your commentary on Kevin Reilly's exit from NBC. Wonder what that means for most of my favorite network shows, since almost all of them are part of the NBC line-up. (and were all developed by Reilly.)

After Albrecht, him? I just hate it when people responsible for the development of so many beloved series, are getting the boot. I understand it, but I hate it nontheless.