Wednesday, May 09, 2007

American Idol: Top 4 results

Thoughts on the predictable results are over at, but you can talk about the show here.


Monkey Space Ninja said...

Good result. I remember several articles during the top 12 saying that Lakisha was a lock to win it all and why are they even continuing the season when the winner is a forgone conclusion.

Those writers clearly had not watched enough Idol. You can never call it that early.

Jason Snell said...

The inevitable demographic show-down between LaKisha and Melinda came much later than expected, but here we are. I honestly don't know who will go home next week, though I'd lay down money that it won't be Jordin.

J said...

I was hoping Blake would be booted tonight for wardrobe choice alone.

Really? A tuxedo t-shirt? Doesn't that stop being ironic when you turn seven?

K J Gillenwater said...

It's going to be Melinda and Jordin as the top 2...Although I could see some Tamyra Gray travesty and having us end up with Jordin and Blake.

Ultimately, I would rather see Jordin win over Melinda. Jordin I can see as a 'pop' type artist. Melinda's comments about her pastor being the audience and her being worried about her song lyrics (in the article you pointed to the other day), makes me worry about her and what kind of album she would produce.

Jordin is young, fun and is willing to try different music styles. Melinda would probably put out a jazz album of old standards.

Anonymous said...

I can't ever imagine listening to Jordin after this season because I don't buy Disney soundtracks. Melinda just doesn't do anything for me. I acknowledge that she is consistent, but Paula (!) nailed it when she implied that consistency like that has become stale. I am not sure Blake deserves to win, either. He's interesting, but unless he is completely reworking a song like Bon Jovi week, his performances are underwhelming.


At least Sundance Head got a record deal.

Kristen said...

The flaws in Jordin's voice become more apparent every week, I'm finding, and while I think she'd probably put out a decent pop record, I'd rather she have a lot more training before she destroys her throat.

Blake I can absolutely see putting out a pop record, and it potentially selling very well. You've identified his producing skills for weeks, and I totally agree.

But Melinda still has the perfect voice and the most consistent performance track record, and she's still my favorite. She wouldn't be pop, but really, who of the winners from AI is? Just Kelly, methinks: Ruben and Fantasia are R&B, Carrie's country, and Taylor is...let's just say adult contemporary and leave it at that.

I hope it comes down to Melinda-Blake, just because I don't think Jordin is quite as good as the producers have wanted me to think, and I have serious concerns about her voice. But Blake and Melinda both seem ready for the long haul, and either would be a great choice. Blake doesn't have the voice, but he's got a fantastic ear and sense of style -- and they've both consistently stayed who they are through the whole competition. And THAT'S what wins AI -- consistency in image.

Anonymous said...

Jordin has performed, as well as been a demonstrator, at many rallies that campaign to end abortion in the United States, including the Arizona Right to Life Conference 2005, and at a Democrats For Life event, linking to groups that campaign to amend both the Arizona state and federal Constitutions to ban same-sex marriage and was fond of Mandisa from season 5 of American Idol, for her conservative Christian values.

No way will I ever vote for her or buy her album.

Anonymous said...

I have never understood people of any political belief that refuse to buy records from people with whom they disagree. I mean, if I had to limit myself like that, I couldn't buy any records. The Dixie Chicks are martyrs for speaking their beliefs, but not Jordin?

K J Gillenwater said...

Lord, get a grip 'anonymous.' Aren't people allowed to have opinions about abortion? If your rules applied to my choices in musicians and actors, there would hardly be anything for me to listen to or watch.

Now, if she was using American Idol merely as a platform for her religious views and spouted off about abortion whenever she had the chance, I would be annoyed. But, whooops, that's practically every liberal in Hollywood.

What she does in her private life is her business, not yours. What a small-minded person you are.

Nicole said...

I think that there is a difference between just having an opinion about something and attending a rally about it. Further, if Jordin becomes this year's Idol, she will have an opportunity to make that opinion public and perhaps push an agenda. Just as Mandisa got tossed for her anti-gay remarks, Idol voters can choose to do the same for her opinions on this matter. I'm not saying they should, but it's not like this show was ever just about the talent anyway, and even in that regard Melinda is the better singer.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with Jordin's politics but I don't really pick my pop singers based on their beliefs, particularly one as personal as what they think about abortion. Shakira is my favorite artist ever and she wrote a whole song criticizing abortion (It is a great song too) It is nice when I like a band's music and relate to their politics, like U2 or the Dixie Chicks. But even if I disagree with her, I appreciate that Jordin is a young woman who cares about causes that are bigger than herself. I relate to that too.