Thursday, May 17, 2007

Upfront Watch: No CW yet, but 'Veronica Mars seems dead

I couldn't attend the CW's upfront in person, and my attempt to watch a streaming video feed of it made me feel like I was using a TRS-80, and they have yet to send out an actual press release yet (even though Fox sent theirs a half-hour ago, and I'll get to it shortly).

For readers of this blog, though, the obvious interest is in the fate of "Veronica Mars," and I'm told that in a chat with reporters afterwards, Dawn Ostroff said, basically, that the show was we know it (i.e. the college years) is dead, they're still considering some kind of spin-off (i.e., Veronica: FBI), but that she didn't think it was going to happen. As Rob has been saying in some other interviews, they technically have until mid-June to make a decision, but I don't see it happening, especially with Kristen Bell as the narrator for "Gossip Girls."

UPDATE: Rob said all the writers are accepting job offers from other shows. It's over.

Back with Fox in a few...


evie said...

Very bad news. I've got to just let it go...

Anonymous said...

Tell me they're at least bringing back "Everybody Loves Chris"? Pretty please?

I heard "Smallville" is coming back already, which is good, I think, though it seems like they should be wrapping that one up cuz it's getting a little stale :(

Anonymous said...

I just hope that Rob and Co come out with a full series DVD set. They probably won't, but I can hope, right?

With Chris up against Prison Break and HIMYM there is really nothing worth watching on Ch 11 now.

This is truly a sad day. Not that it wasn't expected but sad none the less.

Anonymous said...

I think it best to remember the show for its first season, before it succumbed to pressure from the network and began its long, long goodbye.

Anonymous said...

Ah, the good old TRS-80. My dad had one of those back in the day! I learned to type on that thing.

>Go Left
>A giant Troll has appeared.
>Use Hammer
>Hammer falls to the ground - Troll advances.
>Use magic beans
>Beans fall uselessly to the ground. Troll advances.
>Too late. Troll has eaten you.

Hee. Good old TRS-80 BASIC games.

Anyway, moving on.
I'm so sad about Veronica Mars being cancelled, but I'm kinda happy that I don't have to begrudgingly watch the FBI edition, which I was NOT looking forward to.

Anonymous said...


Well, we'll always have the DVDs. We'll always have Neptune...

Rizzle said...

I love VM and will miss it dearly, but let's face it: the show had peaked in its first season. Season-long mysteries--regardless of ratings difficulties--are incredibly difficult to maintain, and we saw the valiant efforts of S2 and the mini arcs in S3 as the result of that. A wonderful concept and fantastically produced and acted show, Veronica Mars will always be remembered for the depth and creativity of its first season. It's a shame to see it go, but I can't say that this last year-and-a-half makes me think this is a mistake by the CW. RIP Veronica.