Friday, May 04, 2007

'Live' link

This morning's column is a three-fer (and sort of a four-fer), with thoughts on the new "SNL in the '90s" documentary (as well as the current season), plus the end of "Gilmore Girls" and a plea for the safety of "HIMYM." (Not that I think it's in major danger, but it never hurts to fight.)


David J. Loehr said...

"HIMYM," as we call it in the Sepinwall household (pronounced "Hymn-Yim")

The first time I saw it here as an acronym, I tried several ways of pronouncing it, and wound up with "Hi, Mym," almost like "Hi, Mom." Then I wondered if they'd planned that.

Then I threw out my (still unread) copy of The Da Vinci Code.

But Les can call it whatever he wants as long as he brings it back.

Anonymous said...

But Les can call it whatever he wants as long as he brings it back.

How about CSI: Mother Detection Unit? They can have Dennis Franz come in as a loose-cannon cop who finally gets to the bottom of the mystery of Ted's future wife.

wonderbug said...

alan...this idea is GENIUS!

"...if you could find a way to cut a deal to put "HIMYM" up on iTunes to introduce it to the non-CBS demographic, you might have your next big comedy hit."

Todd said...

It's nice that they're putting it on after 2.5 Men this summer to gain some exposure. Assuming it returns, of course.

Anonymous said...

I can't agree more about iTunes. I discovered the show last fall, basically because of this column. I watched season one on DVD in about two days, and wanted to get caught up on this season, but with no way to do that online - not even on the CBS innertube - I am stuck waiting until August or September for the DVD.

Unknown said...

We just call it "Swarley" in my house.