Sunday, January 13, 2008

Hey, hey, hey! Let's be careful out there.

Undercover Black Man, aka Emmy-winning writer/producer and friend of this blog David Mills ("The Corner," "Kingpin," "NYPD Blue," etc.), is spending some of his on strike time trying to illustrate the value of those striking writers. As he puts it:
But all the ups and downs and twists and turns between now and strike’s end are of diminishing interest to me.

What I’d rather do is celebrate TV writers. And remind the world of what we do... and why we deserve respect.

So, for as long as this strike continues, I’ll be shining a spotlight on some good TV writing. Starting with “All in the Family,” a brilliantly written show, a jewel of American pop culture.
So in each post, he spotlights an audio clip (to focus on the words the writers wrote) of a scene from a classic TV show. The first one, as mentioned above, is from "All in the Family," the second from "Hill Street Blues," and he has lots more in mind.

And speaking of the strike, I'll have some kind of story about the no-frills presentation of the Golden Globes up tonight around 10:30, along with posts on "Sarah Connor Chronicles" and "The Wire." Busy Sunday; no time for cupcakes or Narnia.


Undercover Black Man said...

Thank you, my blogfather.

Anonymous said...

I'm very curious about tonight's presentation. I wonder if we'll like a brisk, no-nonsense 1-hour show better than the over-produced, 4-hour cluster***k we usually endure. We'll soon find out.

Anonymous said...


Yup, cut out all the boring 4 hour, Hollywood butt kissing & fluff and we are left with a simple, 1 hour, read the winners, show.

Sure, some of the winners ("extras" over "30 Rock" is the biggest crime ever) are ludicrous - but wow. Reasding off nominees and winners quickly is flat out fantastic.

Add in the fact that "The Daily Show" and "The Tonight Show" are still 100X funnier without writeres than Letterman is with writers, the writers just look more foolish, each day they keep dragging this on.

Sure, I miss my shows and wish they would end this ridiculousness already (you'd think the WGA was striking to end child labor or something - what a bunch of hollywood crybabies) but I think it's hilarious how much better some things have gotten without some of these mediocre & overpaid writers.

BF said...

Although Billy Bush might be the best advertisement for professional writers ever. Very few sentient humans confuse DeNiro with DeCaprio.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he should just go fi-core.