Friday, January 18, 2008

Mad Men, redux

As mentioned in the "Breaking Bad" review, AMC is going to begin rerunning "Mad Men" season one on Sundays at midnight.

I reviewed every episode of "Mad Men" over the summer, but because the show was new, not available on most cable systems On Demand services, and it took word of mouth a while to spread, I know lots of people didn't get to see it the first time around. So get those DVRs set for some midnight recordings, and I'll be reposting my reviews of each episode the morning after they're repeated.

And for the pre-existing "Mad Men" fans, co-star Rich Sommer, who plays glasses-wearing family man Harry Crane, sent out a very cool "Mad Men"-themed holiday card, which he posted to his blog. (Hat tip to Mo Ryan for bringing it to my attention.)

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Anonymous said...

Look at Slattery in that shot. He needs some Best Supporting Actor Emmy love.