Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Potpourri, part two

Since it worked so well the other day, let's once again quickly hit various things happening in the world of the telly:
  • After "Chuck" aired its Christmas episode, there were still two produced episodes lying around. NBC originally planned to save them to air until there were more new episodes, post-strike, but now that the strike doesn't seem like it's ever gonna end, they're going to air both of them on Thursday, Jan. 24, at 8 and 10, sandwiched around "Celebrity Apprentice," which unfortunately didn't flop when it premiered last week.
  • Speaking of leftover episodes, tomorrow night's a big deal, with new "My Name Is Earl," "Ugly Betty," "Grey's Anatomy" (the last one finished) and "30 Rock" (ibid). When the "30 Rock" Christmas episode aired, there were conflicting reports (on this blog, anyway) about whether it was the last one completed. Guess they were somehow able to cobble together a 10th episode. Maybe there are a lot of flashbacks midway through? Whatever it looks like, it's something resembling a full night's worth o' bloggable material.
  • "Dirt," whose first season was a huge disappointment, given the subject matter and the channel it was on (I haven't liked other FX shows, but none have bored me that much) will be back with a strike-shortened season of seven episodes, beginning March. 2
  • Not that it matters, with renewal no longer an issue, but "The Wire" season premiere was by far the lowest-rated of the series, with only 1.2 million viewers. I'm going to check with HBO about tracking the On Demand viewership to see whether putting each episode up six days early is taking away a significant chunk of the audience, or if it's just smaller overall this year.
  • Just to make the previous bullet point seem even more depressing, A&E has ordered another season of "The Two Coreys."


Theresa said...

No comments on the official cancellation of the Golden Globes? I guess it was no big shocker, but I was curious about your thoughts on it.

Anonymous said...

'"The Wire" season premiere was by far the lowest-rated of the series, with only 1.2 million viewers.'

eh. i long ago stopped caring that those who don't get it will ever get it.

the beauty part for true fans is that all "wire" eps will air. every one, that is the beauty of hbo. from the beginning to the end. all 10. season 5 baby!

you don't get it? so sad for you.

step aside. i don't care...

Pamela Jaye said...

so sad to hear about celebrity apprentice. I guess scheduling it away from the new ep of Grey's actually helped, darn it.

And thanks for Chuck. I saw the mention on the futon critic, all the while its chart was listing it as unscheduled. maybe that's fixed.
I have a friend who, the only primetime show she watches is Chuck, (cause her neice ran into Josh? and Zach in a bar last fall when she didn't know who they were) so I told her - or she surely would have missed it due to lack of DVR (she's made it to DVD recorder, though)
hopefully Tribune media is up with the updates (I've been losing the very beginning to the Daily Show if i record it at ... whatever time the first airing is on)

Now to see if Shonda can kill the last surviving marriage on Grey's without doing her own editing. I'm hoping for "not" but we shall see. I made a list last night of every marriage on Grey's and it was not a pretty picture (Susan actually had to die, apparently, cause no one can be married and happy (hope that wasn't a spoiler for anyone - i'm two seasons behind on Medium and Psych myself. Will NBC be "repurposing" early Monk or just recent Monk?)

Tom Servo said...

Since this is a potpourri post, I thought I'd share performance I found by Flight of the Conchords at CES.

Unknown said...

This episode isn't even over and I already miss 30 Rock SO MUCH.