Friday, January 04, 2008

Sepinwall on TV: Four fabulous women and their empty lives

Today's column previews "Cashmere Mafia," which I wasn't exactly a fan of:
We weren't more than 12 minutes into the premiere of ABC's new drama "Cashmere Mafia" when my wife asked me to pause the DVD so she could predict every single thing that would happen in the episode.

She was right, of course, on every single prediction. Keep in mind that while my wife is brilliant in many areas that make me feel like a complete dolt, outguessing TV shows has never been her strong suit, so "Cashmere Mafia" uses an especially large sledgehammer to tell its stories.

Pick your adjective - Predictable. Insufferable. Detestable. Tacky. - and it fits.
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Nicole said...

Sex in the City was a cliche before it even finished its run so I can't see how a rehash would be any more interesting to watch.

It is also scary how these kinds of characters (almost always women) claim to be sophisticated and independent compared to the average Jane, yet, as in Sex in the City, are actually more insecure and resort to stupid relationship decisions just to have a guy.
They are as a deep as Harlequin romance characters.

I may have taken time to watch this since there isn't much else on anyway, but I will just go watch Cupid online instead.

Carrie said...

I saw this pilot months ago and thought it was one of the most horrible pieces of drivel I'd ever seen. As a woman, it is completely insulting and degrading. "Your husband cheats on you! But you sort of deserve it because you are so successful and powerful and it emasculates him!"

Shut up, Cashmere Mafia.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for warning us away from this show, Alan -- I thought about checking it out (strike desperation) but it sounds absolutely horrible. I'll get my New York fashion porn from "Gossip Girl," thanks.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't I listen to you??!! To my credit, Cashmere Mafia lost me at the first commercial break. It was everything you said and more (abysmal, horrendous, etc....)

Pamela Jaye said...

>ABC has turned itself into the network of the wealthy crybabies

So since I know I wasn't online back then and I have no idea whether you were - how would you compare it to thirtysomething? I know it was described as whiny. I didn't start watching it till it was nearly over (and I was actually 30) and it aired after a sitcom called STAT starring Alison LaPlaca (recently guess starred on one of my doctor shows, but I rememeber her from reruns of Duet on Lifetime) and Dennis Boutsikaris (recently did a play in LA with Scott Bakula that I didn't go to)

I actually watched STAT for the doctor show angle, not for Linda. Though I did watch the other shows that Linda and Dennis did together, despite both of them starring Roseanne Barr's husband whats his name)

As for 30something, I watched most of it on Lifetime (after it and STAT were finished) and the one thing I gained from it is that I now wear scrunchies, rather than those coated elastic ponytail holders.

I must like "whiny" as I loved Ally, Meredith Grey, and I'm very fond of Brothers & Sisters (turns out it's not just Ally - I actually like to watch Calista (and btw, Jon Robin Baitz was "ousted" under cover of strike)). I actually think all the shows have their good sides and the whining doesn't bother me - but Big Shots was boring and I didn't even bother with these new two (if the other has aired yet)

And what's the deal with marriage - you can only get into or out of it? Dr Bailey seems to be in marital jeopardy (I don't want to know how that ends) along with the Chief and Sarah on B&S and other characters on that show I won't even name as it's rather spoilery for those not up to date. And the contrast with Kitty getting married.... (or not getting married, depending on how behind you are)

I realize that divorce is more "dramatic" than happy couples, but is ABC like The Divorce Network?
It reminds me that I loved Journeyman for showing a married couple, still in love, and weathering the storms. And back when I was watching Medium (i'm two seasons behind) it was for that reason too (not as awesome as Journeyman perhaps, but I really liked Joe).

Pamela Jaye said...

PS - I accidently recorded CM due to my DVR's backup, duplicate manual recording of Brothers and Sisters. I peeked at it. Though Lucy still looked pretty, and then deleted it. (she's never played a character I liked since back when she was on ER but I didn't know her yet. She was okay on that)

Anonymous said...

I had DVRed this, and I watched it last night. I thought it was just wretched. I'd like to have something new and scripted, but this ain't it. On top of all of the things you mentioned, what kind of ridiculous publishing company would set up a scenario wherein they would promote one of their top salespeople, thereby taking them out of sales; and fire they other one? It's too asinine. No thanks, ABC.