Monday, September 08, 2008

Skins, "Sid": Dancing cheek to cheek

Quick spoilers for the latest episode of "Skins" coming up just as soon as I find a clean t-shirt...

Given that Sid has been one of my favorite characters to date -- and by far the character with the most combined screen time to date -- his spotlight episode was a disappointment. Or maybe it's because he had been featured so much that it was a disappointment. The Cass, Jal and Chris episodes were good because they were good, but also because they told us so much we didn't know or realize about each character. We've gotten so much Sid in the previous four episodes that I don't feel like I know him any better after last night than I did before.

I feel like I know Tony better, though, as he's gone from obnoxious user to complete bastard. And I feel like I know Michelle better, because if her self-esteem is so low that she'd take Tony back even after his latest stunt, there's no saving her anytime soon. (And Sid's a fool -- albeit a very typical teenage fool -- in thinking he would ever, ever have a shot with her.)

Not much else to say. Continued good performances from all the kids, particularly Hannah Murray as Cass, but this was the first episode of the show that felt predictable.

What did everybody else think?


SoundBitesNYC said...

Nice to see Peter Capaldi as Sid's father... he was so good in Local Hero.

And it took me forever to remember where I knew his mom from... Whose Line is it Anyway.

But yeah, not the best episode. The teacher was a crackup, though. Loved his satisfied "I just did some good today" look after his talk with Sid. I think we've all had that teacher.

Anonymous said...

Agreed that this was the most predictable so far, although by no means terrible.

Second the Peter Capaldi love (also great in Neverwhere and The Thick Of It).

Josie Lawrence is the WLIIA alum.

I know I probably shouldn't but I loved Cass's deployment of the water pistol - Grange Hill meets The Big Sleep! (the former being a classic Brit high school soap opera for left-pondians).

Corvus Imbrifer said...

I feel I should apologize to the always top notch Mr Capaldi, who even with his long and storied resume, immediately send my head to the hyperventilating 'Lair of the White Worm.'

Meanwhile, Sid - well, it was nicely done, wasn't it? Just, well, longish, perhaps. As Mr Sepinwall points out, all the revelations are rather obvious. And not in the 'Oh, noes they can't see the Greek Tragicness of the looming disaster' way.

Still, everyone is working so hard, still fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

Another good episode -- though you're right, not as revelatory as the previous ones. I wonder if there really is more to Tony or he's just a big jerk.

And I've known my share of girls who can't say no to the bad guys like Michelle.

And Cassie breaks my heart.

Karen said...

No, there were no huge Sid revelations, but there were interesting developments nonetheless (what was UP with Tony holding Sid in the Michelle dancefloor embrace; not to mention his taking back the "gift" he'd made Sid in nearly the cruelest way possible). And there were beautiful touches, as well, such as Cassie using her water pistol to wash down her overdose.

I don't mind there not being huge revelations as long as the overall quality is so damn good.

And, yes, that's Josie Lawrence from WLIIA, but also from the lovely film Enchanted April.