Sunday, January 18, 2009

Flight of the Conchords, "A Good Opportunity": Sing out, Murray!

Brief spoilers for the "Flight of the Conchords" season two premiere coming up just as soon as I weave some pants...

I'm burnt-out from press tour, and I made my point about the good comedy/weak songwriting aspect to these early episodes in Thursday's column, so I'm just going to go straight to the predictable bullet point list of the things I found especially funny in the premiere, and then you guys can talk about the rest:

• Murray, unable to curse, tells the guys "Stuff you!," followed by Jemaine complaining "Why did I get double-stuffed?"

• While Murray's opera was kind of forgettable, the first few moments when I realized he would be singing (or lip-syncing) opera was quite lovely

• Dave's story of the women on the plane, followed by him acknowledging that he knows actual women "pretty much"

• Dave's proof of his amazing deal-making prowess is a macrame owl

• Mel seems far more abusive to poor Doug this year, with the hog noises and her complaining, "Why did you come, Doug, if you didn't want to light a fire?"

• "I'm persona non-regatta, you know what that means?" "You're not at a yacht race?"

• The wonderful look of relief on Rhys Darby's face when Murray realizes that nobody noticed that he quit -- and also all that says about how non-essential Murray is to the consulate's operations

What did everybody else think?


Mo Ryan said...

For some reason, I just loved the cutouts on Jemaine's coat -- which shows that Bret had made the dolls coats out of Jemaine's actual coat.

Continued good luck with your press tour recovery process.

Alanna said...

My favorite? Bret walking down the street in his woven pants.

I wonder if Mel's meanness is setting up a divorce storyline.

Anonymous said...

Not the strongest episode, but nice to have the boys back (and the wonderful Kristen Schaal as well.)

And Murray explaining his troubles with the Polish "cover" song was pretty hilarious.

Anonymous said...

I liked the way Jemaine and Bret matter-of-factly said no to Murray's request to be their manager again. I also liked Murray getting drunk at their gig and telling the guy next to him how devious they are--as if the guy would care.

I liked Murray's "Rejected" interlude, too. And how he had a timer set up to remind him when it was time to move his car a few inches.

In summary: I really liked Murray in this ep.

Anonymous said...

I loved how Murray's song was made up of words that rhyme with 'rejected'. It was a nice callback to his attempt to write 'Leggy Blonde': Hi, I'm shy, I'm a guy, I wear ties, I had a Budgie but it died, I like pie.

Anonymous said...

Great episode, although the "stuff you" would have been funnier if we didn't already know that Murray can swear from when he told Brett to go eff himself in last season's "What Goes On Tour" episode.

Anonymous said...

My favorite exchange, when Jemaine and Brett were talking about what to write for the jingle (I'm paraphrasing a bit here):

Brett: What about women's rights?
Jemaine: No, that's a man thing.
Brett: Really?
Jemaine: Yeah, my dad was really into women's rights.
Brett: What about your mom?
Jemaine: Oh, no. Dad would never have allowed that.

karigee said...

I'm so glad this show is back; it's a little pot of gold at the end of the weekend. For some reason I laugh every time Jemaine opens his mouth.

Pandyora said...

Glad to see male weaving is receiving the attention it so justly deserves...