Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Previously, on 'Lost'...

Today's must-read: Isaac Spaceman over at Throwing Things offers up a hilarious recap of everything that's happened on the previous four seasons of "Lost." If you prefer your recaps both shorter and infinitely less entertaining, after the jump is the sidebar (previously print-only) to yesterday's stories that recaps where (and when) everybody of note is at the start of the new season:
The new season of "Lost" opens up with two parallel narratives: what happened on the island right after Ben moved it at the end of 2004, and what's happening in the real world in 2007. Here's where/when the major characters are as the season begins:

Locke: In 2007, dead in a coffin in an LA funeral home; in 2004, on the island as leader of The Others

Jack & Ben: In 2007, standing over Locke's coffin, plotting a return to the island

Kate: In 2007, raising Aaron by herself; no interest in going back

Hurley & Sayid: In 2007, on the run from the mental hospital and a group of men who are following Hurley

Sun: In 2007, confronting Charles Widmore in London

Desmond & Penny: In 2007, in hiding together

Sawyer & Juliet: In 2004, on the island's beach, having just watched the freighter blow up

Daniel Faraday: In 2004, on their way back from the exploded freighter

Charlotte & Miles: In 2004, on the island, waiting for Daniel to come back

Jin: Apparently blown up on the freighter (Daniel Dae Kim is still a regular castmember and Cuse and Lindelof say he'll keep appearing, but it may be entirely in flashback/time-travel form)

Claire: Hanging in Jacob's cabin with Jack's father, and likely not appearing until next season, per Cuse and Lindelof


PokerFool said...

Also, here is a hilarious recap of the previous 4 seasons of Lost by Julius Goat set to the tune "We Didn't Start the Fire" by Billy Joel.

Here is an excerpt:


Things are getting awful weird
Jack has got that crazy beard
We find out
that there were six
All the rest still in the mix.

Claire is sad while Ben just schemes.
The Losties divvy up in teams.
Jack and Locke
are the captains,
Gee, I wonder what will happen?

Hurley's crazy-pants again,
Sun and baby miss their Jin,
Jack's sad,
sees his dad
But not the sis he knows he had.

Choppers with four freighties land
Miles is a psychic, man.
We're intrigued by
Then writer's strike got in the way.

Julius Goat's Lost Recap

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the link, and welcome back. I always love your press tour dispatches.

Steve B said...

Way to go PokerFool. Now I'm gonna have that stuck in my head all day. But seriously, that's awesome.

Matt said...

We should also note his prior recaps. I stand in awe of my co-blogger.

Adam said...

As well as the October 2005 Craphole Island inventory.

Anonymous said...

Is Spaceman pronounced the correct 30 Rock way?

Anonymous said...

Isaac's recap was spectacular. Although it's a strange world when Entertainment Weekly's laying people off, while bloggers write great stuff like that for free.

Unknown said...

BigTed, finding anyone who wants to pay someone to write is a rarer and rarer thing these days. Not a surprise.