Friday, January 16, 2009

That's it for me!

This seems perfect. The best line of the tour comes from the very last question of the tour. At the end of the panel for the new "Cupid," someone asked Rob Thomas why the female lead of the previous version, Paula Marshall, has never quite become a star.

Rob, who has great affection for Paula and sang her praises, joked, "I don't know if her parents gave her the middle name Show-Killer, but I do love her."

Got a lot of writing to do and then I head home. I'd lament leaving all the sunshine and warmth to go back to the freezing cold of Jersey, but I can count the number of times I've been outside in daylight hours this week on one hand. If I still remembered how to count, that is.


Anonymous said...

Be glad that you never went outside while in LA. It means you avoided temptation and don't have to worry about losing your soul.

Also, Weiner finally signed a deal with Lionsgate, so it's good to have that out of the way.

Pamela Jaye said...

have a safe trip home, and stay away from geese (and the Hudson)

also, thank you Andrew! for that great news.

SAG has veered from a strike authorization vote to a 50% referendum vote on the contract AMPTP has offered way back when. I'm guessing they figure this will come out against the contract, without having to actually strike, which seems good to me. I really need TV.

my duck is pulling out her flight feathers. I suppose that's good as they were getting really ratty. And it's cold in FL but nothing like home, where it was -7 this morning - before factoring in the wind chill, and threatening to rise to a blistering 12 degrees (high)

Diablo Cody interview looked interesting and moreso when I learned she was not male. but i don't get pay cable. I'm just trying to hang on to basic cable.

Dan said...

I'm the guy that likes "Gary Unmarried". I find Paula Marshall and Jay Mohr hilarious together.

Anonymous said...

She's always been a star to me, and a particularly yummy one to boot.

Anonymous said...

Without Marshall and Mohr, Gary would be completely intolerable. Not *Jim* bad, but still one of those "what do they have on the network?" kind of shows. But because of the two of them, I DVR it for those times when there's nothing else on and I've got thirty minutes to kill. And more often than not, I enjoy them. Full of stereotypes and sexist humor? Yes. But, entertaining because of the leads. "Cupid" should have been a huge hit and should have made her a star, but I'm still glad she's had steady work over the years since then.

CincyNat said...

I'm with you, Dan. That show makes me laugh. And Paula is very good on it.

Pamela Jaye said...

I never saw the original Cupid, and don't even know what year it aired - but everytime I hear Jeremy Piven's name, its title comes to mind.

I remember JP from the episode of Chicago Hope where he had priapism. It was hysterical. "We're Chicago Hope; we're the best!"

Anonymous said...

I have no idea if this is the right place to post this, but did you see this news?

Buried in it is that Cupid was reduced from a 13-episode order to eight, which sounds bad for Cupid, but...Veronica Mars movie? With funding guaranteed?