Friday, February 12, 2010

'How to Make It in America' review: Sepinwall on TV

In today's column, I review HBO's new "How to Make It in America," which I don't know that I exactly liked, but found amiable enough:
How many TV shows have gotten by entirely on atmosphere? Because while HBO’s new "How to Make It in America" is light on plot, characterization and humor, it’s got atmosphere to spare. And for a few episodes, that may be enough.
You can the full "How to Make It in America" review here. The show's so lightweight I'm not sure it has a place in the blogging rotation - even if I stick with it, there's not, at present, a lot to write about, but I'll set up a separate post to go up after the pilot, and we'll see from there.


Anonymous said...

HBO is defintely making a great comeback with Treme and Boardwalk Empire. However, I'm not sure this show is a part of that trend.

NBCZucks said...

I agree with Anonymous. Also, True Blood and The Pacific are helping HBO into a creative renaissance. Heck, True Blood has won several awards including Anna Paquin.

Jack said...

Sounds almost exactly like I'd imagined. Entourage 2.0, but possibly ever so slightly better. I watch Entourage, so I'll watch this at some point too. Like you said in your review, with such low expectations, I can't imagine being disappointed.

Anonymous said...

3 comments. Nuff said.