Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Big, Boys

Open thread for discussion of the debuts of "Big Day" and "My Boys." I liked 'em; how about you?


Anonymous said...


Usually cable channels have multiple airings of their shows on the same night.

But not My Boys and 10 Items or Less.

Why is this?

Last night I couldn't record 10 Items or Less because it was up against Prison Break and How I Met Your Mother. (I have DirecTV, so all cable shows air on the West Coast at the same time they air on the East Coast.)

Tonight I suffered a power outage during My Boys. And I'm sad to find out there's no other airing of the episode tonight. So I have to wait until another night.

Anonymous said...

I know they're rerunning My Boys, but I don't know when. Clever trick they did, BTW, starting the second episode at 9:27 or so, so that I kind of had to watch both at once or leave both sitting on my TiVo (which I oddly hate to do).

Anyway, it was cute. That's about all I can say for it. It feels very traditional, and I wish they'd not put in the girlie best friend, who's more plot device than character. Why can't she just be a tomboy with guy friends?

I'll stick with it for a bit, but not for long. In a world where the other sitcoms I watch are HIMYM, 30 Rock, Scrubs, Everybody Hates Chris, and The Office, My Boys is really outclassed.

Anonymous said...

Alan -- did your "My Boys" review copies+info mention that about half of the commercial time in the second half-hour went to...Match.com?

Other than that: I loved Jordana Spiro in "The Huntress", and wanted to like this show, but at least on "Sex and the City" Carrie changed the strained metaphor in her writing each episode.

Anonymous said...

I really like "10 Items or Less" and "My Boys"

There was a commercial during My Boys that said that the 10 Items pilot would be available on TBS's video on demand. However I couldn't find it.

10 Items felt like a cross between The Office and Reno 911. It started out slow, but I was laughing out loud at the second half. Also the people's reactions in the background were amusing, knowing that they are filming in a real, working grocery store with real customers.

I thought My Boys was more cute than funny. Very realistic conversations and problems.

Match.com was a big sponsor, much like NBC is doing with their shows. As Jack Donaghy explained it to me it is product integration, an upgrade to the normal product placement that we've learned to ignore.

These shows are on at ideal times for me, as I'm not sacrificing anything to see them, and I was entertained so I'll look forward to them.

Toby O'B said...

I caught the two "My Boys" eps the next night at 11 pm when there wasn't anything else really to watch. And "10 Items Are Less" repeat followed right after that.

I liked "My Boys" - always glad to see characters coming close to "real" people in looks & dialogue, as these characters did.

Especially liked Gaffigan as her older brother.

"10 Items Or Less" took only three minutes to lose me. Hated the scene with the shopper and the lead guy creeped me out.

(Probably got cast because he's one of the producers....)