Monday, November 06, 2006

Wire week 9 talk for the On Demand'ers

Go crazy on episode 9, "Know Your Place," in the comments.


Anonymous said...

Somebody has got to take Herc down--in one fell swoop, he betrayed two vulnerable people, and look at the other damage the blundering idiiot has done.

Then again, given the way the world goes, Herc will probably wind up commissioner one day....

Anonymous said...

he can't, he's not black!

Anonymous said...

Great episode. Rich, textured, classic "Wire". I didn't check the writer on this, anyone know?

Multiple reflections across all the groups of people watching others, folks feeling out of place (the kids, Andre, Burrell and Rawls, Kima), and what is looking like a terrible, terrible finale with Randy and Michael.

I had not realized that Omar took detailed notes, but I guess I should have. Nice to see he's already working off his debt, even if he doesn't know it.

The dinner party was exactly like D'Angelo's trip to the Inner Harbor in season 1. Same alienation, same recognition that there are a couple of different worlds in Baltimore. They're using the scene for a slightly larger point, however, so I can overlook the re-use of material.

Love Prez' expression when he realized what he was getting into when Randy and Duquan approached him about the credit card. I also think there was not a little pride when he saw the proceeds.

Finally, this may be blasphemous, but I'm liking Prop Joe just a hair more than Omar as most colorful character. He does so much with so little that I know everytime he's on screen, some great utterance and some great plot point will emerge.

There's just too much to say about this episode. Very, very good.

Anonymous said...

someone asked about the writer: I think it was Richard Price

Anonymous said...

Poot's back!

Anonymous said...

On the political side, the mayor-elect trying to get some cooperation from the council president by implying that he'll be gone in a couple years to the governor's race. I thought he wanted to truly improve the city. How can he do that if everyone knows he'll be moving on? Answer: he won't.

I agree pmaha that the subtlety of the restaurant scene was spot on. I felt like Colvin after that scene.

Great episode.