Monday, November 13, 2006

Wire week 10 talk for the On Demand'ers

Start chatting up episode 10, "Misgivings," right here.


Anonymous said...

My hat's off to Bubbs for seizing the opportunity for sweet bilateral revenge. You go, Bubbs!

Namond's mother has moved higher on my list of people who actually deserve whacking by Chris and Snoop. Speaking of which, we now know a little more of Chris' backstory...

Anonymous said...

Chris' beating his dished out to Michael's father was brutal. It was brutal visually because, well, he destroyed that man, but it was brutal emotionally because Chris (and Snoop) make their living by not showing emotion. In fact, Marlo's whole crew, as compared to the Barksdales who seemed to wear their emotions on their sleeve.

Likewise, I'm thrilled to see Herc getting messed with. That man is the devil and/or hopelessly idiotic.

Anonymous said...

"I'm thrilled to see Herc getting messed with. That man is the devil and/or hopelessly idiotic."

Herc truly is a dunderhead. It's amusing and instructive to remember that back in season one, he significantly outscored Carver on the sergeant's exam with minimal studying, yet he completely lacks both basic intelligence and plain old common sense...which fits in nicely with one of the themes of this season--the idiocy and futility of the NCLB Act.

Anonymous said...

Flawless once again, but I am partial to any episode with more McNulty screen time. Though, in all honesty, I prefer drunk, stumbling, reckless McNulty to clean and sober, adored by ex-wife McNulty. Bunk will eventually bring him back to the dark side.

This is pure speculation, but I really, really hope Michael-Randy does not replicate Bodie-Wallace.

Anonymous said...

The brutality of Chris' of Michael's dad was born out by the look on Snoop's face. You wouldn't think anything could get to her, but even she had a "what the fuck" look at that moment.

Anonymous said...

Classic episode... amazing how much pure cinema is present in this episode as we have all been able to pick up the fact that Chris was molested without him having to come out and SAY it like you see in most character revealing moments on television.

Michael's conversion to a gangster is all but over in my mind... he has sold his soul to the devil, question is what will the devil ask for in return. There is nothing left for him now except to guess how long will it be before he kills someone at Marlo's behest.

I think Bubbles has got to be close to seeing that 'bottom' come up at him that addicts his age need to see to stop. It is amazing that someone his age would still be in the streets to the extent he is. Hopefully he won't get killed by that other junkie before he can clean up. But with this show you know there are no happy endings.

Prediction: McNulty will be back doing criminal investigations next year... he just loves it too much.

Loved Poot's comparison of Lil' Kevin to Wallace as he tried to rationalize his murder to Bodie... Bodie looks like a man getting ready to go to war...

Anonymous said...


I was thinking the same thing. It's amazing at what we are able to infer about this show. As we were doing with Michael before we are now doing with Chris. I too think it is pretty obvious that Chris has some experience with what Michael went through. We never saw Michael tell Chris exactly what happened, despite Snoop's queary. Chris picked up on it as only, I imagine, someone who's been through the same trauma could. Then he exacted revenge in the fashion he wishes he probably could have when it happened to him, like Michael wishes he could.

As for Bodie, however, I'm not sure how to read him at the moment. I, personally, am not sure if I read him as a man ready to go to war as much as a man possibly fearing for his own life, feeling beat down, and feeling as though he has no allies in this game. It's weird, I don't know if I root more for him to actually become a drug kingpin and fulfill the promise he's shown in his trade, or if I'd rather see him escape to Florida or Jamacia and do some Marlin fishing.

Anonymous said...

Week 10

Amazing. I think the Wire has surpassed the Sporanos as HBO's best effort. /the writing is just so rich. The way the writers explained the bond between Michael and Chris was tragic and sad, and eventually violent. I think Michael will eventually be ordered to kill Randy. Naymond's mom is going to get him killed. He really needs a foster home. I think he would have bebefitted from a night in "baby booking" to teach him somethng.
Why won't they give Duquan a storyline ?

Anonymous said...

I think Bubs just saved Randy's life. Herc is flat going to go down for mistakenly busting the preacher and won't be able to push Randy into a position where Marlo think he's a threat. Randy is getting his from his peers when Marlo's people put it out that Randy was a snitch.

My guess now is that Namond's mom will end up pushing him to do something rash that Michael will be tasked to take care of.

This show is epic.

Anonymous said...

RE Bubs's payback to Herc:

Herc should have remembered the Golden Rule. It was because Daniels forgot all about him and Carver and left them on that stakeout at the end of season two that Herc angrily stormed out of the MCU and transferred to the Western District. Apparently, though, he doesn't think Bubs deserves the same consideration that Herc wanted from his superiors...and now it's gonna bite Herc in the ass bigtime. (Moral: Respect your workers and always keep them in the loop.)

But if the poster above is right and Bubs's revenge ends up saving Randy's life, that would be a neat irony.

Matty said...

I don't see how Randy's going to be saved by Bubs. Little Kevin told people about Randy before Marlo had him killed. Randy's in big trouble.

Anonymous said...

a.) Why'd Snoop fuck up and forget to take care of the body? I mean, I understand Chris just wants to get the fuck out of there, but shouldn't her shit be a little more together?

b.) I actually kind of feel sorry for Herc, since underneath it all, I think he actually means well. He's just really fucking dumb. Like, he didn't notice the license plate was "Praise God."

c.) Beyond maybe getting Herc Prezzed out, his fuck-up could have a big effect on the Carcetti storyline, since Burrell's major base of support is the ministers, and you have to figure this shit isn't going to sit to well with them.

d.) In the Bodie-Poot scene, it seemed to me that Bodie was also maybe realizing, even as he was saying otherwise, that killing Wallace may not have been necessary,

Anonymous said...

That third point (c.) is an interesting thought: It would be supreme irony if the minister noticed that he's being harassed by the police at the same time that Burrell ordered more arrests for minor misdemeanors and drew the conclusion that Burrell is behind this. If Burrell inadvertently lost the support of the ministers, who else can he still count on? Not Carcetti, and not Clay Davis either, since that guy is a slick opportunist who will only help Burrell if there's some political or financial angle to play.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, I am so glad I found you guys... I have just started watching the wire through on Demand! I am going out of the country Monday so needless to say I am already at Misgivings!

I like Randy and don't want to see him killed. I am totally addicted to Snoop and Chris and the blatant disregard they have for human life. I can't imagine what must be going through people's minds as they know once they are "getting walked down an alley or towards the vacants" by this deadly pair.

Also, I am in total agreement that Marlo's operation and their demeanor make the Barksdale organization seem sort of childish in comparison. What is Marlo's story I wonder?

Thanks again, for this venue!