Thursday, November 23, 2006

Today, I am thankful for YouTube

Happy Turkey Day, everybody, and shouldn't you be napping on the couch right about now?

Operating under the "everything is on YouTube" theory, I went looking for any clips of the original "What's Alan Watching?" that gave me the title for this blog. While there sadly isn't a full version of the pilot up, there are three clips: Eddie Murphy as James Brown being sentenced to prison (in a scene that presaged "Cop Rock"), Eddie as JB braving the prison showers, and the aptly-titled "Gandhi on Ice." (The last one may be more notable for the two bits at the very end, particularly the random Brent Spiner appearance.)


Toby O'B said...

I remember that pilot, with Corin Nemec, and yet never put two and two together to recognize the source for your blog's title.

Never was good at math.

The one sketch I always remembered from it was that of Mr. Ed, working as a radio talk-show host. I think the topic in the bit we saw was the talking horse going off on neo-Nazis......

WhidbeyIslander said...

I can't believe that the entire episode isn't available somewhere.

But then again, I can't believe that this show wasn't picked up for series.

"I'll take Alan's Family for $300, Alex."